Does the Health of Individuals Have a Mathematical Code?

Ali Mehrabi Tavana


The definition of health of individuals is well described by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other International Health Organizations. Many studies have also been carried out in order to survey the health conditions in different countries based on this definition, therefore, the health condition of every country analyzed by the WHO. In this hypothesis, I would like to explain “whether the health of individuals has a mathematical code or not? If so, the discovery is on the way to examine each individual based on a health profile as well as every nation in the world to find out, what must be carried out on an individual, national, and international level to increase the health rank? The aim of this hypothesis is to bring to your attention and all of the WHO directors and specialist to ask” whether the health of individuals has a mathematical code or not?” If so, the new view must be considered in regard with the health of the world population, which will be discussed in this hypothesis.

Keywords: Health, individuals, international, Iran, mathematical code, national

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