Meta‑Analysis of Prevalence of Smoking in 15‑64‑year‑old Population of West of Iran

Mahmood Moosazadeh


Background: Cigarette Smoking is a recognized cause of systemic disorders such as bronchogenic, carcinoma, and cardiovascular diseases and hence prompt and effective interventions are required for its elimination. Thus, This Meta‑analysis was carried out for an adult population of west of Iran in order to estimate of prevalence smoking in this area.

Methods: We examined related to documentation by searching in published and non‑electronic databases. Data were extracted based on variables such as the year of the study, sex, age group, and the prevalence of smoking. Based on the results of heterogeneity, we used fixed or random effects model to assessment the overall prevalence of cigarette smoking. All analyses were accomplished via STATA 11 software.

Results: Totally, 25,990 subjects (13005 males) were investigated. Meta‑analysis in men and women indicated prevalence of 22.9 (20.6‑25.2) and 0.6 (0.3‑0.9) respectively.

Conclusions: It was found that more than one‑fifth of men from 15 year to 64‑year‑old of west of Iran smoked cigarette. Providing an education on harmful effects of smoking to the adult population would be a valuable means for reducing destructive consequences of smoking.

Keywords: Cigarette, meta‑analysis, prevalence, West of Iran

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