The Association Between Serum Vitamin D Levels with General and Abdominal Obesity Among Patients with Migraine

Fariborz Khorvash, Tayebeh Mottaghi, Gholamreza Askari, Mohammad Reza Maracy, Reza Ghiasvand, Zahra Maghsoudi, Bijan Iraj, Mohammad Adib Nejad


Background: Obesity is a common health problem around the world. Studies have shown inverse relationship between serum vitamin D levels with obesity among patients and healthy population. The aim of this present study is to examine the relationship between serum vitamin D levels with general and abdominal obesity among migraine patients.

Methods: The present study is a cross‑sectional and 66 migraine patients aged 19‑61 years were included for analysis. Partial correlation was performed to assess association between serum 25‑OH‑D with general and abdominal obesity. Adjustments were performed for age, sex, and education.

Results: No relationship was found between serum levels of vitamin D with general and abdominal obesity. However, a significant association was shown between waist circumferences (WC) with body mass index (BMI).

Conclusions: Serum levels of 25‑OH‑D were not associated with WC and BMI. Furthermore, after adjustment for confounder variables, no association was observed.

Keywords: Association, migraine, obesity, vitamin D

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