Efficiency Improvement of Dentistry Clinics: Introducing an Intervening Package for Dentistry Clinics, Isfahan, Iran

Hamed Alaghemandan, Mohammad H Yarmohammadian, Elaheh Khorasani, Sobhan Rezaee


Background:In Isfahan, the second metropolitan in Iran, there
are 1448 dentistry treatment centers that most of them are inefficient. Today, efficiency is the most important issue in health care centers as well as dentistry clinics. The goal of this research is to investigate the affordability and efficiency of dentistry clinics in Isfahan province, Iran.
Methods:The current work is a quantitative research, designed
in two methodological steps, including a survey and experimental studies, for understanding current deficiencies of Iranian dentistry clinics. First, we ran a survey. Then, we analyzed the results of the questionnaires which guided us to find a particular intervening package to improve the efficiency of the clinics. At the second step, we chose an inefficient clinic named Mohtasham (Iran, Isfahan) to evaluate our intervening package.
Results:Based on what the interviewees answered, we mention
the most important issues to be considered for improving the
efficiency of dental clinics in Isfahan. By considering mentioned
problematic issues, an intervening package was designed. This
intervening package was applied in Mohtasham clinic, since
June 2010. It improved the clinic’s income from 16328 US$ with
4125 clients in 2010, to 420,000 US$ with 14784 patients in 2012.
Conclusions:The proposed intervening package changed this clinic to an efficient and economic one. Its income increased 5.08 times and its patient’s numbers grew 4.01 times simultaneously. In other words, Mohtasham’s experience demonstrates the reliability of the package and its potentiality to be applied in macro level to improve other dentistry clinics.
Keywords:Advertising, dentistry clinic, efficiency improvement

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