Effect of brown rice consumption on inflammatory marker and cardiovascular risk factors among overweight and obese non-menopausal female adults

Mahdieh Kazemzadeh, Sayyed Morteza Safavi, Shahrzad Nematollahi, Zeinab Nourieh


Background: Brown rice (BR) is unpolished rice with various
beneficial compounds such as vitamins, magnesium and other minerals, dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, γ‑oryzanol and γ‑aminobutyric acid. In the present study, we compared the effects of white rice (WR) and BR on inflammatory marker high‑sensitivity C‑reactive protein (hs‑CRP) and cardiovascular risk factors among non‑menopausal overweight or obese female.

Methods: In a randomized cross‑over clinical trial, 40 overweight or obese (body mass index (BMI) >25) women were randomly allocated to group 1 (n = 20): Treatment with BR diet and group 2 (n = 20): Treatment with WR diet for 6 weeks (first intervention period). Two participants in group 2 dropped out during this period. After a 2‑week washout period, individuals were switched to the alternate diet for an additional 6 weeks (second intervention period) and three subjects in group 2 did not follow this period and eliminated, finally this study was completed with 35 subjects (group 1 = 20 and group 2 = 15). Each one was instructed to consume 150 g cooked WR or BR daily in each intervention period. Cardiovascular risk factors including BMI, waist and hip circumference, blood pressure, serum lipid profiles, fasting blood glucose (FBG) and hs‑CRP as an inflammatory marker, were measured 4 times (in study week 0, 6, 8, 14).

Results: BR diet in comparison with WR diet could significantly reduce weight, waist and hip circumference, BMI, Diastole blood pressure and hs‑CRP. No significant differences between the two diets were found regarding lipid profiles and FBG.

Conclusions: The present results suggest that BR replacement in the diet may be useful to decrease inflammatory marker level and several cardiovascular risk factors among non‑menopausal overweight or obese female.

Keywords: Brown rice, female, inflammation, obese, overweight, white rice

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