Orf Disease Following “Eid ul‑Adha”: A Rare Cause of Erythema Multiforme

Zabihollah Shahmoradi, Bahareh Abtahi-Naeini, Mohsen Pourazizi, Mohsen Meidani


Orf, also known as contagious pustular dermatitis, is anexanthemous disease caused by a parapox virus. It is usuallya benign locally self‑limiting illness; it can have systemiccomplication or progressive infected locations can include thefinger, hand, arm, and face. Development of erythema multiformefollowing Orf infection is very rare. In Islamic populations suchas those of Iran, Orf can be observed in individuals who are notoccupationally involved, but may be in contact with sheep or goatsafter the Islamic worship as an “Eid ul‑Adha.” Here we reportan erythema multiforme associated with multiple lesion of Orfdisease following the “Eid ul‑Adha” in Iranian housewives.

Keywords: Ecthyma contagiosum, Eid ul‑Adha, erythemamultiforme, Orf disease

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