Trends and Determinants of Up-to-date Status with Colorectal Cancer screening in Tennessee, 2002-2008

Sreenivas P Veeranki, Shimin Zheng


Background: Screening rates for colorectal cancer (CRC) are increasing nationwide including Tennessee (TN); however, their up‑to‑date status is unknown. The objective of this study is to determine the trends and characteristics of TN adults who are up‑to‑date status with CRC screening during 2002‑2008.

Methods: We examined data from the TN Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System for 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008 to estimate the proportion of respondents aged 50 years and above who were up‑to‑date status with CRC screening, defined as an annual home fecal occult blood test and/or sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy in the past 5 years. We identified trends in up‑to‑status in all eligible respondents. Using multivariable logistic regression models, we delineated key characteristics of respondents who were up‑to‑date status.

Results: During 2002‑2008, the proportion of respondents with up‑to‑date status for CRC screening increased from 49% in 2002‑ 55% in 2006 and then decreased to 46% in 2008. The screening rates were higher among adults aged 65‑74 years, those with some college education, those with annual household income ≥$35,000 and those with health‑care access. In 2008, the respondents who were not up‑to‑date status with CRC screening included those with no health‑care coverage (adjusted odds ratio [OR] 0.46, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.33‑0.63), those aged 50‑54 years (OR 0.62, 95% CI 0.46‑0.82) and those with annual household income <$25,000 (OR 0.65, 95% CI 0.52‑ 0.82).

Conclusions: TN adults who are up‑to‑date status with CRC screening are increasing, but not across all socio‑demographic subgroups. The results identified specific subgroups to be targeted by screening programs, along with continued efforts to educate public and providers about the importance of CRC screening.

Keywords: Behavioral risk factor surveillance system, colorectal cancer, tenncare, tennessee, up‑to‑date screening status

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