Reactive Arthritis Induced By Bacterial Vaginosis; Prevention With An Effective Treatment

Zohreh Aminzadeh, Afsaneh Fadaeian


We report a 42‑year‑old woman with reactive arthritis induced by bacterial vaginosis who presented with oligoarthritis with an additive form, arthralgia, and enthesitis. She hasn’t had a history of diarrhea or dysuria or vaginal secretion, or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The laboratory tests were normal except for a high erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). Her pelvic examination revealed homogeneous white grey and malodorous vaginal discharge on the vaginal wall and Pap smear and Gram‑stained smear of vaginal swab was consistent with bacterial vaginosis. She responded to metronidazole therapy and her six‑month follow up hasn’t shown recurrence of arthritis. As reactive arthritis (ReA) is a paradigm of a rheumatic disease in which the initiating infectious cause is known, so early use of antimicrobial drugs may prevent the development of musculoskeletal symptoms which are triggered by infections.

Keywords: Bacterial vaginosis, gardenella vaginalis, reactive arthritis

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