Nonpreventive Role of Aerobic Exercise Against Cisplatin‑induced Nephrotoxicity in Female Rats

Jalaledin Noroozi, Farzaneh Zeynali, Mehdi Nematbakhsh, Zahra Pezeshki, Ardeshir Talebi


Background: Cisplatin (CP) is a chemotherapy drug and nephrotoxicity is a major concern for CP therapy. CP‑induced nephrotoxicity is gender‑dependent, and the effect of aerobic exercise in females has not been reported yet while it has a beneficial effect in males. Hence, this study was designed to
determine the protective role of aerobic exercise against CP‑induced nephrotoxicity in female rats.
Methods: Twenty‑eight adult female rats were divided into four groups. Groups I and II had aerobic
exercise on a treadmill for 8 weeks. Then, the exercise protocol was continued for another week in group I and stopped in group II. All animals in these groups received CP (2.5 mg/kg/day; i.p.) for 1‑week. Groups III and IV were treated with CP and vehicle, respectively, without exercise. Finally, the animals were sacrificed for biochemical measurements and tissue histopathology investigations.
Results: CP alone without exercise increased serum levels of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and
creatinine (Cr), kidney weight, and kidney tissue damage score (KTDS); while exercise could not attenuate these parameters in female rats. Exercise in females increased the serum levels
of BUN and Cr and KTDS and weight loss (P < 0.05). Kidney nitrite levels reduce significantly in group I in compared to positive and negative control groups. Exercise also did not have beneficial effects on malondialdehyde levels in plasma and kidney.
Conclusions: Aerobic exercise cannot reduce CP‑induced nephrotoxicity in female rats. Increasing the damage in female rats may be related to female sex hormone estrogen or gender
differences in renal hemodynamic and renin‑angiotensin system activity in the presence of exercise. In general, it is recommended that the females under CP chemotherapy avoid exercising during treatment.
Keywords: Aerobic exercise, cisplatin, female rats, nephrotoxicity

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