Cell- and Gene- Based Therapeutics for Periodontal Regeneration

Keshava Abbayya, Sameer Anil Zope, Sanjay Naduwinmani, Apurva Pisal, Nagraj Puthanakar


Periodontitis is a disease of the periodontium, characterized by loss of connective tissue attachment and supporting the alveolar bone. Therefore, to regenerate these lost tissues of the periodontium researchers have included a variety of surgical procedures including grafting materials growth factors and the use of barrier membranes, ultimately resulting into regeneration that is biologically possible but clinically unpredictable. Recently a newer approach of delivering DNA plasmids as therapeutic agents is gaining special attention and is called gene delivery method. Gene therapy being considered a novel approach have a potential to channel their signals in a very systematic and controlled manner thereby providing encoded proteins at all stages of tissue regeneration. The aim of this review was to enlighten a view on the application involving gene delivery and tissue engineering in periodontal regeneration.

Keywords: Gene, growth factors, periodontal regeneration, stem cells, tissue engineering, vectors

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