First Aid Knowledge Among University Students in Jordan

Moawiah Khatatbeh


Background: This study has aimed to evaluate the level of knowledge about the first aid process among the university students in Jordan.

Methods: The study population consisted of students of the 14 scientific and unscientific faculties at Yarmouk University, Jordan. Data were obtained via questionnaires from 883 students.

Results: The majority of participants were females (65.9%) with mean age (standard deviation) of 19.9 (2.6) years. Only 29.2% of students had previous first aid experience. When asked, only
11% of students knew the normal respiration rate of an adult in 1 min. Results revealed that female students, having previous first aid experience, and being a student of the health sciences
and scientific colleges were the only factors had significant statistical associations with better level of first aid knowledge.

Conclusions: The students’ knowledge about first aid is not at an adequate level. It would be advisable that first aid course be handled as a separate and practical course at secondary school

Keywords: First aid, knowledge, university students

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