Low Serum Vitamin C Status Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at General Hospital Dawakin Kudu, Northwest Nigeria

Emmanuel Ajuluchukwu Ugwa, Elemi Agbor Iwasam, Matthew Igwe Nwali


Background: Vitamin C levels are low in pregnancy. The purpose of this study was to determine serum Vitamins C levels among pregnant women attending antenatal care at a General Hospital
in Dawakin Kudu, Kano, and this can help further research to determine the place of Vitamin C supplementation in pregnancy.

Methods: This was a prospective study of 400 pregnant women who presented for antenatal care in General Hospital Dawakin Kudu, Kano, Nigeria. Research structured questionnaire was
administered to 400 respondents. Determination of serum Vitamin C was done using appropriate biochemical methods.

Results: Vitamin C deficiency was found in 79.5% of the participants. The values for Vitamin C were 0.20 ± 0.18 mg/dl during the first trimester, 0.50 ± 0.99 mg/dl in the second trimester, and 0.35 ± 0.36 mg/dl in the third trimester and P = 0.001.

Conclusions: There is a significant reduction in the serum Vitamins C concentration throughout the period of pregnancy with the highest levels in the second trimester. Therefore, Vitamin C
supplementation is suggested during pregnancy, especially for those whose fruit and vegetable consumption is inadequate.

Keywords: North-west Nigeria, pregnant women, Vitamin C

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