Acquired Bilateral Longitudinal True Leukonychia in a 35‑year‑old Woman

Fatemeh Mokhtari, Samaneh Mozafarpoor, Saeid Nouraei, Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh


Acquired bilateral longitudinal true leukonychia is a rare disorder. We present a case of a 35‑year‑old healthy woman presented with this unusual and rare manifestation. She mentioned
a history of unprotected exposure to detergents and bleaching chemical agents. Considering her low zinc level, she was prescribed with zinc capsules and recommended to avoid chemical substances for 6 months. During bimonthly follow‑up, her zinc level turned normal, and leukonychia subsequently disappeared. Bilateral longitudinal true leukonychia in the nails due to zinc deficiency and exposure to chemical substances has not been reported previously. Direct and indirect effects of chemical substances on matrix and the effect of zinc deficiency on healing process should be considered in these cases.

Keywords: Chemical agent, irritant contact dermatitis, true leukonychia, zinc deficiency

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