Birth Weight as a Cardio Metabolic Risk Factor in Iranian Adolescents

Hamidreza Badeli, Hossein Dalili, Afagh Hassanzadeh Rad, Abdolreza Medghalchi, Setila Dalili, Shahin Koohmanaee


Background: A large number of epidemiological studies from different geographical regions showed a considerable relationship between low birth weight (LBW) and adverse health effects later in life. This study aims to assess the birth weight (BW) as a cardio metabolic risk factor in Iranian adolescents.

Methods: This cross‑sectional study was conducted on 12‑year‑old students
from different areas of Rasht, North Iran. Data were collected by a questionnaire including variables as birth height, BW, gestational age, blood pressure, and laboratory tests including triglycerides (TGs), total cholesterol, low‑density lipoprotein‑cholesterol (LDL‑C), high‑density
lipoprotein‑cholesterol (HDL‑C), and insulin level. Data were analyzed using t‑test, Chi‑square, and Pearson correlation coeffcient.

Results: Overall, 858 adolescents participated in this study. Results
showed signifcant correlation between BW and abdominal circumference, hip circumference, total cholesterol, TG, HDL‑C and LDL‑C (P = 0.064, 0.194, 0.224, 0.017, and 0.017, respectively).

Conclusions: The study fndings on the correlation between BW and cardio metabolic factors might serve as confrmatory evidence on the association of LBW with future cardio metabolic disorders.

Keywords: Birth weight, cardiometabolic, children, Iran, risk factor

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