The Effect of Health‑belief‑model‑Based Training on Behaviors Preventing Peritonitis in Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis

Fatemeh Attari Peikani, Nahid Shahgholian, Ashraf Kazemi


Background: Peritonitis is one of the important complications of peritoneal dialysis and one of the reasons for failure of this therapeutic technique. As one of the important reasons for development of peritonitis is disregard for health behaviors, this study aims to investigate the effect of education based on health belief model (HBM) on behaviors preventing peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis patients.

Methods: This double‑blind clinical trial study conducted on 60 patients with peritoneal dialysis in Isfahan, Iran. A researcher‑made questionnaire was used to evaluate knowledge, HBM constructs, and peritonitis preventive behaviors in three stages (before, immediately after and 2‑month after intervention). The intervention group received four HBM‑based educational sessions and the control group received a lecture session. Data were analyzed using Chi‑square, Mann–Whitney, Fisher’s
exact test, independent t‑test, and repeated measures ANOVA.

Results: There was no signifcant difference between the two groups’ background variables and level of knowledge, perceived, sensitivity, severity, benefts, arriers, self‑effcacy, personal and environmental hygiene behaviors and fluid‑replacement technique before the intervention. Immediately after the intervention, all of the variables, except perceived barriers, personal, and environmental hygiene, were signifcantly higher in the intervention group than the control group (P < 0.05); 2 months after the intervention, all of the variables, except personal hygiene and perceived barriers, were signifcantly higher in the intervention group (P < 0.05); in three stages, personal hygiene was not signifcantly different between the two groups; and 2 months after the intervention, the variable of perceived barriers decreased signifcantly in the intervention group (P < 0.05).

Conclusions: Education based on HBM is effective on promoting behaviors preventing peritonitis. Education based on HBM is suggested in peritoneal dialysis patients to prevent peritonitis.

Keywords: Health belief model, hygiene, Iran, peritoneal dialysis, peritonitis, preventive behavior

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