Effect of Cost Sharing on Utilization of General Physician Care: A Cross‑Sectional Survey from Shiraz, Iran

Zahra Kavosi, Mohsen Bayati, Masoud Arefnezhad, Enayatollah Homaie Rad, Abdosaleh Jaafari


Introduction: High‑cost sharing in physician care may result in worse health outcomes and financial burdens for individuals, and it reduces needed health‑care utilization. Hence, this study examines the impact of cost sharing on utilization of Physician care.

Methods: In the present study, multistage sampling (n = 1610) was done to collect general physician utilization and quality of life. Count data model was used to analyze the effect of cost sharing and other factor on the ratio of referring to the general physician. Negative binomial regression was employed to analyze the utilization model.

Results: People who have high‑cost sharing had used general physician services much less, so that ratio of incidence among them was 0.18 less than individuals with low‑cost sharing (P < 0.05). Gender and age variables showed a significant effect on the demand for the general physician visit (P < 0.05).

Conclusions: A low cost‑sharing policy would remove the clinically and financial threat from the patient decision‑making so as to provide them with access to needed care.

Keywords: Cost sharing, general physician, health

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