Effect of Decaffeinated Coffee‑enriched Chlorogenic Acid on Blood Glucose Levels in Healthy Controls: A Systematic Review

Hossein Faraji


As an important group of health problems, glucose metabolism disorders are associated with a number of diseases as well as mortality rate. Recently, studies have demonstrated that the consumption of decaffeinated coffee‑enriched chlorogenic acid (CGA) can reduce the risk of diabetes and blood glucose rise, while the results of some previous studies have shown an opposite effect. Hence, a systematic search was conducted based on literature search and appropriate keywords through PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Knowledge, Science direct, Medline, Cochrane, and Scopus databases from 2003 to 2018. After searching, 1593 articles were found. Then, we excluded papers based on the duplication and relevant for title and abstract, whereas 25 relevant articles remained for checking eligibility criteria. Since only randomized clinical trials studies (RCTs) could be included in the current study, six RCTs remained in end‑stage for qualitative synthesis. The results of reviewed studies showed no signifcant effect of decaffeinated coffee‑enriched CGA on blood glucose concentration. Although recent studies have suggested the effectiveness of decaffeinated coffee‑enriched CGA on blood glucose in animals, and there are various mechanisms for this effect, and the result of our review showed that there is not suffcient evidence for this claim in healthy humans. Hence, further research in this area seems necessary.

Keywords: Blood glucose, chlorogenic acid, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, diabetes mellitus

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