Altmetric Analysis of Contemporary Iranian Medical Journals

Jafar Kolahi, Saber Khazaei, Elham Bidram, Roya Kelishadi


Background: Altmetrics is a newly emerging scholarly tool measuring online attention surrounding scientifc research outputs. With respect to increasing demand of disseminating research fndings on the World Wide Web, this study aims to analyze the altmetric statues of Iranian medical journals.

Methods: On February 27, 2019, the list of Iranian medical journals extracted from http://journals. and consequently altmetric data token out from Altmetric database (Altmetric LLP, London, UK). The science mapping done via keyword co-occurrence, co-citation and co-authorship, network analysis using the VOSviewer. The Pearson coeffcient was then employed for the correlation analysis using R.

Results: Among a total of 104 journals, 7518 articles were mentioned in Altmetric
data resources (Mean: 72.28, Confdence Level (95.0%): 16.8), total mentions were 27577 (Mean: 265.16, Confdence Level (95.0%): 79.9). Considering the total mentions of articles, International Journal of Preventive Medicine achieved the frst rank, followed by Journal of Research in Medical Sciences and Iranian Journal of Public Health. Notably, Twitter was the most popular altmetric resource followed by Facebook and news outlets. Tweets were generally from the United States and United Kingdom. Among top 5% popular Iranian medical articles multiple sclerosis, cancer, and anxiety was hot topics.

Conclusions: Iranian biomedical journal editors and research scientists needs
to be more dynamic in World Wide Web using social media, post-publication peer review tools, Stack Exchange (Q and A) sites, research highlight tools, Wikipedia, and etc. In spite, more attention to the concept of evidence-based policymaking, by Iranian government along with the health policymakers seems necessary.

Keywords: Altmetrics, Facebook, Iran, medical journal, social media, Twitter

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