Testosterone and Zinc Supplementations on Renal Ischemia‑Reperfusion Injury in Orchiectomized Rats

Fatemeh Moslemi, Farzan Piudeh, Mohammad‑Reza Hajian, Amir Khodarahmi, Mehdi Nematbakhsh


Background: Renal ischemia‑reperfusion (IR) injury has numerous deleterious effects on the kidney function. An experimental investigation was conducted to determine the possible protective role of testosterone (TES) and zinc (Zn) supplementations on the kidney function after IR injury in orchiectomized rats.

Methods: Orchiectomized rats (n = 32) were divided into the fve groups
as sham operated (Group 1), IR (Group 2), IR pretreatment with TES (IR + TES, Group 3), Zn (IR + Zn, Group 4), and TES + Zn (IR + TES + Zn, Group 5). Twenty‑four hours’ post‑IR injury, the animals were sacrifced and the required parameters were measured.

Results: The results revealed that there were not any signifcant difference in serum levels of creatinine (Cr), nitrite and malondialdehyde (MDA), Cr clearance (ClCr), renal sodium (Na) load, and percentage of Na excretion (ENa%) between sham and IR groups. The pretreatment with TES and Zn either alone or combine did not alter the serum levels of Cr, nitrite and MDA, and ClCr, Na load, and ENa%. However, pretreatment with Zn, TES, or combined altered kidney weight, kidney tissue levels of nitrite and MDA, and urine flow in IR groups.

Conclusions: The orchiectomy itself performed protective effect against renal IR injury. However, pretreatment with Zn or TES may not alter kidney function against renal IR in orchiectomized rats.

Keywords: Orchiectomy, renal ischemia, testosterone, zinc

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