Using the Blood Coagulation Factors as a Predictor Component of the Occupational Vibration Exposure

Mehrdad Yadegari, Siamak Pourabdian, Farhad Forouharmajd


Background: Exposure to hand–arm vibrations higher than permissible standard rates can have destructing effects on workers’ health. Pneumatic hammers are among the tools that are used in civil and industrial projects, transferring high vibration acceleration to the workers. This study has considered the probable effects of hand–arm vibrations on the performance of blood coagulation
factors in the workers using this tool and exposed to high vibration acceleration.

Methods: Five new workers without any experience in exposure with hand–arm vibrations were selected for this interventional study. Blood sample was taken from each worker before they started working for the required analysis. Sampling was repeated in two other stages in 2‑month intervals from the frst sampling, whereas the workers were then experienced in working with pneumatic hammers. Measuring the vibration of the pneumatic hammer was done according to ISO 28927‑10 standard.

Results: The point of measuring the vibration acceleration was selected close to the hand, in accordance with the standard. Regarding the exposure time of the workers, the amount of vibration acceleration was obtained 15.54 m/s2. Activated partial thromboplastin times of four samples in the second and third stages have shown increases in comparison to the frst stage in that respect. On the other hand, a number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets did not show a consistent
trend in the three stages.

Conclusions: The considered samples showed longer time for blood coagulation as compared to the reference time. Thus, it can be concluded that the main reason is the acceleration in three different coordinate axes of x, y, and z. Hence, the values beyond permissible standard rate of hand–arm vibration in 8 h shifts affect the blood parameters, among which the considered coagulation parameters in this study showed more tangible changes in that respect.

Keywords: Blood coagulation, occupational exposure, vibration

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