Introduction of a Community‑Based Participatory Model for Women’s Mental Health Promotion in Iran: A‑Z

Monir Baradaran Eftekhari, Arash Mirabzadeh, Ameneh Setareh Forouzan, Masoumeh Dejman, Katayoun Falahat, Zohreh Mahmoudi, Judy Bass, Amanda J. Nguyen


Background: To address the disproportionate burden of poor mental health among women, we present a community based participatory research (CBPR) model used to develop a women’s mental health promotion program for Iranian women.

Methods: This is a multi‑phase interventional study using a CBPR approach among married women age 18–65 living in Tehran. First, participants described the process of women’s mental health. Subsequent steps involved participatory needs assessment, priority setting, intervention design, and evaluation. Finally, a conceptual model of women’s mental health promotion was developed.

Results: “Seeking comfort” emerged as the core process in women’s mental health. To promote mental health, women prioritized training on coping mechanisms to deal with stress. Women receiving this training used more problem‑based coping methods and reported a higher quality of life than the comparison group.

Conclusions: The resulting conceptual model illustrates the utility of using a CBPR approach to develop women’s mental health promotion programs.

Keywords: Community‑based participatory model, Iran, mental health promotion, women

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