COVID‑19 Solution

Roberto Menicagli, Mario Limodio


Coronaviruses (CoV) are RNA viruses that cause endemic infections in various species of mammals and avian birds. There are seven known human CoVs, each of which causes respiratory diseases: together account for about one third of common colds. Some CoVs have recently entered humans from infected animals and lastly we have SARS COVID‑19, (CoV), which causes severe acute, often fatal respiratory syndromes. The prevalence of CoV, the easy zoonotic transmission and the potential
to cause serious respiratory diseases, lead to urgent research to discover the mechanisms of CoV infection. Our study has identified a possible way to eliminate the danger of this virus by analyzing the structures by which it enters the host cell. This study indicates that the neuroaminidase interrupts the infection.

Keywords: Neuroaminidase, SARS COVID‑19, sialic acid

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