Adherence of General Practitioners to the National Hypertension Guideline, Isfahan, Iran

Amir Vatani Nezafat, Negah Tavakolifard, Atefeh Vaezi


Background: High systolic blood pressure is the leading risk factor for global mortality.
Applying effective strategies to control hypertension is a rising concern. Guidelines are approved
to be effective in the management of patients with cost‑effective interventions. The aim of this
study is to evaluate the adherence of family physicians working in Isfahan health centers to the
national hypertension guideline, in 2019.

Methods: Using a cross‑sectional study, the practice of
43 physicians selected by a multistage sampling method from the perspective of hypertension
management was observed in 377 visits. The data gathering form was designed according to the
national hypertension guideline. Adherence to the guideline was evaluated by dividing the earned
score by the most score one can earn. Data were analyzed using Independent T‑test, Pearson
correlation and linear regression model.

Results: The mean score of adherence to the national
hypertension guideline was 33.6 ± 16.42%. There was a significant association between physician’s
sex, years passed from graduation, type of occupation contract, type of university of education, and
attending empowerment class and adherence to the national hypertension guideline.

Conclusions:The results of our study show that family physicians just follow one‑third of the recommendations
in the national hypertension guideline.


Family; guideline; guideline adherence;hypertension; Iran; physicians

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