Assessment of Sleep Quality and Quality of Life in Hypertensive Subjects at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Uttarakhand, India

Neha Jain, Monika Pathania, Yogesh Bahurupi


Background: Hypertension is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases with prevalence of 33% in urban and 25% in rural population in India. Studies have suggested that hypertension significantly affects the sleep quality and quality of life of subjects. Therefore, this study aimed to establish a correlation between sleep quality, quality of life, and hypertension in Uttarakhand. Methods: This observational cross‑sectional study was carried out on hypertensive subjects at a tertiary care hospital in Uttarakhand following ethics approval. After taking consent from participants, blood pressure and anthropometric measurements were recorded. Then, their sleep quality and quality of life was assessed using Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) and WHO‑QOL BREF questionnaire respectively. Statistical analysis was then carried out to correlate these parameters. Results: 168 participants were recruited for this study, with 43.5% males and 56.5% females. It was found that 77.4% of these subjects were having poor sleep quality with the mean global PSQI score as 7.90 ± 3.713. These subjects assessed their Quality of life to be worst in physical domain (12.68 ± 3.13), followed by psychological, social relationship domain and environment domain. A significant association was found between sleep quality and different stages of hypertension (P value = 0.039) but quality of life and stages of hypertension have no significant association (P value > 0.05). Conclusions: Sleep quality, quality of life and blood pressure are correlated. So, clinicians should also focus on improving their patient’s sleep quality and quality of life besides pharmacological treatment.


Blood pressure; hypertension; India; quality of life; sleep

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