Nutritional Status, Anthropometric Measurements and Physical Activity Level in Adolescents 13‑18 Years Old in Tehran, Iran, in 2019

Samira Rabiei


Background: Considering the importance of adolescent obesity on adulthood health, this cross‑sectional study aimed 408 students aged 13‑18 years from different socioeconomic districts through convenience sampling to investigate nutritional status and physical activity (PA) level focusing on sex and socioeconomic differences. Methods: Weight and height were measured to investigate prevalence of obesity and underweight based on percentile of body mass index (BMI) for age. Information on dietary intake were collected via 3‑day food recalls. PA level was investigated using a valid and reliable questionnaire. Results: The prevalence of underweight, overweight, and obesity were 4.9%, 15.9% and 23%, respectively. Weight and height were higher in boys than girls significantly (P‑value < 0.001). Calorie intake in prosperous districts was higher than semi‑prosperous districts (P = 0.01). Intake of zinc and calcium in prosperous districts was higher than semi‑prosperous and disadvantaged districts (P‑value < 0.001 and 0.02, respectively). Intake of calcium and zinc in both sexes and iron in girls, was lower than recommended dietary allowances (RDA) in all districts (P‑value < 0.001). Conclusions: High prevalence of obesity and low micronutrients intake, especially in disadvantaged districts, suggest an urgent need to plan many efficient programs to prevent serious problems in future.


Adolescents; Iran; nutrition; obesity; underweight

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