Studying the Effect of Garlic Consumption and Endurance Training on Serum Levels of Some Pro‑and Anti‑inflammatory Cytokines in Female Mice with Breast Cancer ‑ A Randomized Trial

Mansour Enayatjazi, Fahimeh Esfarjani, Jalil Reisi, Seyed Jamal Moshtaghian


Background: This study aimed to determine the effect of garlic consumption and endurance training on the serum levels of some pro‑inflammatory and anti‑inflammatory cytokines in female mice with breast cancer. Methods: This study is an experimental research randomly conducted on 32 female BALB/c mice divided into 4 equal groups (N = 8), including: Cancer Control (CC), Garlic Supplementation (GS), Endurance Training (ET), Endurance Training + Garlic Supplementation (ET + GS). One million cancerous cells were injected to all mice’s upper right thigh using the subcutaneous injection method. Exercise groups performed endurance training for 8 weeks (5 days a week .(Garlic supplement groups received 1 ml of the garlic extract orally per kilogram of body weight. The control groups ‑were not given any task, activity or exercise during the research. At the end of the research, all the mice were anesthetized, and their blood samples were collected. Results: The period of 8‑week simultaneous endurance exercise and consumption of garlic supplement significantly decreased the serum level of interleukin‑6 (F = 75 P = 0.00), interleukin‑8 (F = 97.9 P = 0.00), and interleukin‑17 (F = 95.7 P = 0.00), and increased the serum level of interleukin‑10 (F = 50.4 P = 0.00). Conclusions: Along with other existing methods, reduction of inflammatory factors, endurance exercises and consumption of garlic supplement have been proved to be an extremely effective treatment for breast cancer patients.


Breast cancer; cytokine; endurance training; garlic extract; inflammation; interleukin

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