“I am the Pancreas of my Baby!” Six Years of Virtual Peer Coaching for Better Glycemic Control

Ata Pourabbasi, Amin Akbari Ahangar


“Hello, friends. I am the mother of a 2‑year‑old; someone who thought she had died of diabetes. But now, in the presence of you, I declare that I am fine, and I am proud of myself that I am the pancreas of my child. Congratulations on reaching 500 members.” This message is from one of the mothers in the Shirin (sweet) Family Club on the group hitting 500 members milestone. The Shirin Family Club was launched in early 2016 with 96 parents of diabetic children on the Telegram network as a diabetes case‑finding initiative.


Pancreas; Virtual Peer Coaching; Better Glycemic Control

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