Psychometric of Physicians’ Awareness, Attitudes and Performance Questionnaire about Genetic Counseling and Testing

Seyyede Maryam Mousavinasab, Sharifeh Khosravi, Mahboubeh Ramezanzadeh


Introduction: Considering the key role of physicians in providing genetic counseling services and the lack of studies in this field in Iran, it seems necessary to design a valid and reliable instrument for measuring the awareness, attitude, and performance of general and specialist physicians in genetic counseling.

Materials and methods: In this descriptive study, the design and psychometrics of the questionnaire were performed in 4 steps: first, defining the concept of awareness, attitude, and performance of general and specialist physicians in relation to genetic counseling by reviewing texts and articles; second, designing questionnaire items; third, determining the face and content validity by 10 university experts; and forth, determining reliability using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient method.

Results: The primary version of the questionnaire was designed taking into account 60 items during the first and second stages. In the third step, one item was removed and in the final version of the questionnaire 59 items and the content validity index (CVI) and content validity ratio (CVR) were reported to be 0.98 and 0.92, respectively. Reliability with Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was determined 0.82.

Conclusion: The final questionnaire with 59 items had appropriate psychometric properties. This questionnaire has the ability to be used by health care providers in health care systems to measure the awareness, attitude, and performance of physicians about genetic counseling. The need for further studies is suggested to measure the other types of validity, such as the structural validity of the questionnaire.

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