The Need for Attention and Reoptimization of Preventive Medicine to Deal With the Coronavirus Epidemic Threats

Mousa Bamir, Mina Ghasemi Moghadam, Ali Masoud, Reza Sadeghi


Dear Editor, According to the WHO, preventive medicine means empowering people to control the determinants of health at three levels of individual, community, and environmental, to achieve complete physical, mental, and social well‑being.[1] Preventive medicine has three components. This includes the following: guiding people to what they need to do to stay healthy, believing that the benefits of prevention outweigh the disadvantages, and finally believing that its recommendations are correct.[2] Preventive medicine aims to eliminate the disease, either by preventing the disease or by stopping the disease and preventing its incidence.[3] COVID‑19 epidemic highlighted the importance of early diagnosis, action, and strengthening of public health systems, of which preventive medicine is one of the most critical tools to address such a need.[4]


Preventive Medicine; Coronavirus; COVID-19; Threats; Epidemics

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