Close Contact Precautions could Prevent an Outbreak of CCHF: A Case Series Report from Southern Part of Tehran

Masoud Mardani, Najmeh Namazee


Between the end of June and the middle of July 2011, an outbreak of CCHF occurred in southern part of Tehran, Iran. This study reports clinical, laboratory fi ndings and outcome of six cases, who were all consanguine. Index case who was livestock-worker died with hemorrhagic manifestations; thereafter his pregnant wife, three brothers, mother-in-law and his pregnant sister-in-law were admitted and except for the latter, ribavirin was administered. The brother with close contact with body fl uids and blood of index case, died with hemorrhage. Low platelet, high aminotransferases and elevated PT, PTT were detected in this case. Skin manifestations were present in fi ve cases. Only in one case RT-PCR and IgM serology were reported as positive for CCHF virus by reference laboratory. In endemic areas, high index of suspicion should be kept in mind in successfully fi nding and treating cases in early phase of the disease.

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