Kikuchi‑Fujimoto Disease in 21‑Year‑Old Man

Saeid Aminiafshar, Najmeh Namazi, Farhad Abbasi


Kikuchi‑Fujimoto disease also known as histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis is a benign disorder characterized histologically by necrotic foci surrounded by histiocytic aggregates, and with the absence of neutrophils. The patient was a 21‑year‑old man with chills, fever and cervical lymphadenopathy. He had swelling and tenderness of cervical area. Multiple enlarged lymph nodes were palpable. Cervical lymph node excisional biopsy was performed. Microscopic examination showed reactive follicular hyperplasia with vast areas of necrosis without neutrophilic infiltration. No sign of malignancy was seen. Final diagnosis was Kikuchi‑Fujimoto necrotizing lymphadenitis. Kikuchi‑Fujimoto disease should be considered as one of the differential diagnoses in patients with prolonged fever and cervical lymphadenopathy. It should be differentiated from tuberculous lymphadenitis in regions where tuberculosis is prevalent.

Keywords: Cervical, Kikuchi, lymphadenitis

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