Ovarian Hydatid Cyst in Pediatric Patient Commencing as Ovarian Tumor: A Rare Site of Echinococcosis

Milankumar V. Dharsandia, Sumeeta T. Soni, Mahendra M. Vegad


Echinococcosis or Hydatid disease is one of the important zoonotic, as well as occupational disease with worldwide distribution. In India, hydatid disease is endemic. However, hydatid disease of ovary is uncommon condition. We report such a case of ovarian hydatid disease in an 11‑year‑old girl, from rural Gujarat, Western India, presenting with symptoms of urinary obstruction. This case report highlights the rarest location of the Echinococcosis.

Key words: Echinococcosis, hydatid disease, ovarian hydatid

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