Wandering Ascaris Coming Out Through the Abdominal Wall

Mohd L Wani, Ajaz A Rather, Fazl Q Parray, Abdul G Ahangar, Akram H Bijli, Ifat Irshad, Nayeem-ul- Hassan, Tahir S Khan


A rare case of ascaris coming out through the anterior abdominal wall is reported here. A 40‑year‑old female had undergone dilatation and curettage by a quack. On the second day she presented with presented with features of peritonitis. She was explored. Resection anastomosis of the ileum was done for multiple perforations of the ileum. Patient developed a fistula in the anterior abdominal wall which was draining bile‑colored fluid. On the 12th postoperative day a 10‑cm‑long worm was seen coming out through the fistulous tract which was found to be Ascaris lumbricoids. Ascaris lumbricoids can lead to many complications ranging from worm colic to intestinal obstruction, volvulus, peritonitis, pancreatitis, cholangiohepatitis, liver abscess and many more. Worm has been reported to come out through mouth, nostrils, abdominal drains, T‑tubes etc. But ascaris coming out through the anterior abdominal wall is very rare hence reported here.

Key words: Ascaris, bile, perforation

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