Converting Three General-Cognitive Function Scales into Persian and Assessment of Their Validity and Reliability

Payam Moin, Nima Khalighinejad, Arash Yusefi, Ziba Farajzadegan, Majid Barekatain



Objectives: Closed head injuries are a great burden of health care facilities in Iran, similar to many other developing countries. Cognitive dysfunction is of immense importance as a long term complication of brain injuries. Numerous studies are planned to investigate the effect of potential remedy on preventing or halting secondary post-traumatic brain damages,which results in cognitive as well as general function impairments.The current study aimed to provide reliable scales to gauge patient’s functional level in specific domain to ensure reliable results in Iran.

Methods: We selected three general and cognitive function scales [Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended (GOSE), Galveston Amnesia and Orientation Test (GOAT), Disability Rating Scale (DRS)] used extensively worldwide, and converted them to Farsi language. To assess their validity and reliability, we implemented them on a group of head injured Iranian patients.

Results: Factor analysis revealed 5 independent factors for GOAT with total distribution variance of 80.2%. For DRS, 3 independent factors came out that consisted 92.3% of variance. GOAT and DRS Farsi versions in our study also had satisfactory correlation coefficient using Pierson correlation matrix. Regarding the reliability, the Cronbach’s alpha index was 78.2% for GOAT and 90.5% for DRS. Factor analysis was not feasible for GOSE. However, Kappa coefficient was used to estimate its validity, which was 68%.

Conclusions: This study inferred that our Farsi version of DRS and GOAT functional scales are certainly appropriate for Iranian head injured patients. Our GOSE Farsi-converted scale showed good validity, though it is still required to be more evaluated for reliability in future attempts. This scale can help in  prevention of secondary brain damages after trauma.

Keywords: Closed Head Injury, Cognitive function, General function, Rehabilitation.

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