Overweight and Obesity Among Early Adolescent School Girls in Urban Area of West Bengal, India: Prevalence Assessment Using Different Reference Standards

Soumyajit Maiti, Debasis De, Kazi Monjur Ali, Kanti Bera Tushar, Debidas Ghos, Shyamapada Paul


Background: Overweight and obesity are epidemic and a ‘public health crisis’ among adolescents worldwide. The rising trends in adolescent obesity in girl are poorly documented in India.

The aim of this study was to compare and assess the extent of overweight and obesity in early adolescent school girls using three references [World Health Organization (WHO) 2007; the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) 2000 and the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) 2000].

Methods: A cross sectional study was designed in 1375 early adolescent girl (10-14 years), in five Government affiliated schools of Kharagpur Municipality of West Bengal, India.

Results: Results of this study are eloquent of the fact that the roots of obesity lies in early stage of adolescence. Incidence of overweight, including obesity of participants was 10.62%, 7.64% and 7.49% depending on the references used (WHO, CDC and IOTF) respectively. Both incidence and remission rates were higher among younger girls.

Conclusions: Regarding the harmful ramifications of overweight and obesity, it is encourage to healthy eating patterns and increase physical activity among early adolescent girls.

Keywords: Body mass index, early adolescent, obesity, overweight, school girl, West Bengal

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