Comparison of Effects of Home Visits and Routine Postpartum Care on the Healthy Behaviors of Iranian Low-Risk Mothers

Seyedeh Tahereh Mirmolaei, Mehrnoosh Amel Valizadeh, Mahmood Mahmoodi, Zeinab Tavakol


Background: Postpartum care at home is a post delivery care method that can be provided by public health nurses, trained health workers, or midwifery nurses. A study conducted to compare
effect of two midwife visits at home to usual postpartum care on the healthy behaviors of low-risk Iranian mothers.
Methods: A randomized controlled trial conducted on 200 mothers at a reference center for screening for infant hypothyroidism in Tehran. Mothers were randomized to either home-based (n= 100) or routine-based postpartum care (n= 100). Each mother and her neonate received two cares. Home-based cares were provided by a midwife in the intervention group. Postpartum cares in the control group were provided by care providers of primary health care system. Healthy behavior was measured using a validated and reliable researcher made instrument. The data were analyzed using independent sample t-tests, paired t-test, and χ2-test.
Results:  The data showed that a significant number of  subjects in the control group did not receive their postpartum
care (P< 0.001). The mean score of maternal healthy behaviors in the intervention group increased from 120.5 (SE= 0.76) to 148.9 (SE= 1.02) (P< 0.001) and in the control group from 119.9 (SE= 1.06) to 140.9 (SE= 1.08) (P< 0.001). The mean score of maternal healthy behaviors in the intervention group had significant differences with that in the control group at the end of study (P< 0.001).
Conclusion:Early postpartum care at home by trained midwives can be positively effective for improving maternal healthy behaviors in less developed countries.
Keywords:Care, home visit, Iran, maternal healthy behavior,
midwifery nurses, postpartum

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