Family Physician Implementation and Preventive Medicine; Opportunities and Challenges

Reza Majdzadeh


Review of Iran’s experiences regarding health following Islamic Revolution suggests that two major events influenced on health system structure; establishment of Primary Health Care (PHC)[1] and integration of medical education in former ministry of health and formation of Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME).[2] Both of these important developments began in the first decade after the revolution resulting from immediate needs of the country and spirit of social justice that dominated the country. In fact, these two major events occurred for development of health services to disadvantages parts of the country, especially rural and remote areas, as well as provision of human resources for delivering necessary health services. Outcome of development, in various social and economical aspects, and interventions in the health system had sharp improvements in important health indicators such as maternal mortality,[3] life expectancy,[4] control of infectious diseases[5] and provision of manpower.[6]

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