Protective Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Renal Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Rat: Gender‑related Difference

Fatemeh Moslemi, Ardeshir Talebi, Mehdi Nematbakhsh


Background: Zinc (Zn) knows as essential microelement which prevents oxidative stress. The effect of Zn supplement on renal function parameters in rats subjected to renal ischemia‑reperfusion (IR) injury was investigated.

Methods: Male and female rats were subjected to renal IR with and without Zn sulfate (10 mg/kg/day for 5 days) supplementation. The kidney function markers and histology fndings in Zn‑treated group were compared with sham and control groups.

Results: The serum levels of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine (Cr) and kidney tissue damage score were increased signifcantly after renal injury (P < 0.05) gender dependently, but no alterations were observed for these markers in Zn‑treated animals after renal IR injury. Cr clearance was signifcantly different
between genders (P < 0.05); however, Zn supplementation increased the Cr clearance and kidney nitrite level signifcantly in male rats (P < 0.05). Zn also increased urine flow in female (P < 0.05), but it did not alter urine load of Na (UNaV) and percentage of Na excretion (ENa%).

Conclusions: Zn may improve renal function after IR injury gender dependently.

Keywords: Gender, rats, renal ischemia‑reperfusion, zinc

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