Estimation of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in the Undefined Participants of Campaign in Isfahan in 2017

Maryam Bemanalizadeh, Ziba Farajzadegan, Parastou Golshiri


Background:The cardiovascular mortality rate in Iran has been reported 65% of all death recently. Despite the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases(CVD) risk factors and its burden in developing countries, public awareness of CVD symptoms and its risk factors are very low, leading to poor control of these risk factors.

Methods: Our study is a cross‑sectional study that was conducted in an undefined sample of 163 individuals who participated in a public health campaign. We used a validated questionnaire containing demographic, cardiovascular history, family history, lifestyle (exercise, smoking, alcohol, and environment), stress, sleep, bowel toxicity, blood sugar, inflammation/pain, and diet parts for estimating total cardiovascular risk factor.

Results: 52.7% of our participants were male. The mean age of our participants was 42.6±47.27years. Half of our participants(50.3%) were between 30 and 60years. 12.3% of the participants were diagnosed with CVD. 12.8% were smokers and 25.8% were passive smokers. 73% of our participants had a high level of stress in their individual and work life. 35.5% of participants sleep less than 6 h per night. Half of them complained of initial or intermittent insomnia. 51.5% of our participants were at high or very high risk for CVD with three or more relative risks. There was a significant association between total cardiovascular risk and blood pressure, weight, sleep, and lifestyle in our population.
Conclusions: More than half of our participants were on high or very high risk for CVD.The most common risk of CVD events in our participants is attributed to hypertension. Weight, sleep, and
lifestyle were other modifiable risks that had a significant association with CVD in our study.


Cardiovascular diseases; risk factors; hypertension; life style; abdominal obesity

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