Holistic Care Management of Diabetes Mellitus: An Integrative Review

I. Gede Juanamasta, Yupin Aungsuroch, Joko Gunawan, Ni Wayan Suniyadewi, Ni Made Nopita Wati


Comprehensive care includes the spiritual and the bio-psycho-social person. The aim of this study is to explain how people with diabetes mellitus manage holistic treatment. Search for multidatabase papers: Ovid, CINAHL, and PubMed. PICOT-based keyword description is P: any diabetes population, I: holistic care, C: any comparison, O: blood sugar, T: whenever. The English article, journal quest, full-text article available, and published article were criteria for inclusion in this study. In the quest journal, a strategic manner is performed using three keywords: holistic, diabetes mellitus, and blood sugar. We reviewed ten papers. The result showed that comprehensive care was explained in terms of technology, holistic care program, and holistic care relating to complementary alternative medicine. Discussion in this study is that holistic care services give significant results in the treatment of people with diabetes mellitus.


A systematic review; complementary therapies; diabetes mellitus; disease management

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