Hacking Covid-19 with Technology

Bhavna Jain Jain, Atif Khan, Neha Verma Verma, Yogesh Bahurupi1 Bahurupi, Mahendra Singh, Pradeep Aggarwal


The development, implementation and advancement of technology solutions aimed at combating the COVID-19 outbreak are rapidly taking shape in India. Governments, Venture Capitalists, Academic Institutions, Incubators, Start-ups, and businesses large and small are all doing their part to deploy new innovative solutions as quickly as possible. Various databases were searched to look for different advancements in technology during the current coronavirus pandemic. It is seen that on one end nonpharmacological measure (social distancing, self-isolation, clean hands, and face masks) are time-tested and low-tech ways to help mitigate the viral spread. On the other end, Science and technology sector constituting of data science, machine learning, rapid diagnostic tests, mobile-first telehealth and computational simulation systems for drug development, artificial intelligence, virtual collaboration, and data tracking are complex ways of using the technology that have strengthened our pandemic response.


COVID-19; India; pandemics; technology

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