Implementation of the Smoke‑Free Policy in Medan City, Indonesia: Compliance and Challenges

Fauziah Nasution, Fitriani Pramitha Gurning, Putra Apriadi Siregar, Abdillah Ahsan, Dian Kusuma


Background: Indonesia has an estimated 61.4 million current smokers, and the smoking prevalence among adults is persistently high while that among youth is increasing. In 2014, Medan city enacted the smoke‑free policy (SFP) to protect community members against the adverse effects of smoking. Our study examines the implementation of SFP in terms of compliance and challenges. Methods: We conducted a mixed‑methods study. Quantitative analyses examined the compliance with six criteria including having signage, no active smoking, no selling, no advertisement, no smoke, and no ashtray at SFP facilities. They included health facilities, educational facilities, places of worship, workplaces, and indoor/outdoor public facilities. The qualitative analysis examined the challenges through in‑depth interviews of six key informants. Results: We found the overall compliance of 44%, ranging from 0% at outdoor public facilities to 83% at health facilities. We found relatively higher compliance among facilities within 1‑km from the provincial and city health offices compared to those outside of the buffer (but not significant at 5% level, P = 0.070). The challenges identified were lack of budget, monitoring, enforcement, and sensitization. Conclusions: The implementation of SFP in Medan city still has lower compliance and faces many challenges.


Challenge; compliance; implementation; Indonesia; Medan; smoke‑free policy

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