COVID‑19 Countermeasures: An Algorithm to Stay Unlocked

David Izadi, Egidio J. Da Silva, Miles E. Banwell, Christopher G. Wallace


We describe a visual algorithm to help prevent severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2) contagion as well as manage COVID‑19 disease according to categories of clinical severity. The algorithm is timely, with multiple countries worldwide declaring repeat surges in SARS‑CoV‑2 infections following the easing of lockdown measures. Its flowchart assimilates key effective interventions in a visual manner that will assist healthcare workers to manage COVID-19 disease algorithmically, and policymakers to suppress further SARS‑CoV‑2 waves. Importantly, we include the innovative use of topical p‑menthane‑3,8‑diol spray by the British Army for COVID-19 Support Force personnel, which in light of its coronavirucidal properties, deserves wider dissemination. This algorithm has the potential to be updated as numerous studies are concluded globally


COVID-19; dexamethasone; p-menthane-3,8-diol; vitamin C; vitamin D

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