Epidemiological Features and the Incidence Trend of Brain Cancers in Iran (2004–2008)

Fatemeh Sadat Asgarian, Alireza Moraveji, Mehrdad Mahdian, Hossein Akbari


Background: The objective of this research is to consider the incidence of brain cancers in Iran during the years 2004–2008 to improve reporting, distribution of the disease.

Methods: In this cross‑section study, the study population was all brain cancer cases diagnosed in Iran between 2004 and 2008. Age‑standardized rate (ASR) per 100,000 persons and crude rate were calculated using direct standardization. Data were analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS version 16) and Microsoft Office Excel 2010.

Results: During the period 2004–2008, the ASR and crude rate of brain cancers among males were 2.37, 2.46, 2.77, 2.84, 4.16 and 2.13, 2.11, 2.40, 2.49, 3.61, respectively, and among females the ASR and crude rates were (1.64, 1.67, 2.04, 2.17, 3.09) and (1.45, 1.45, 1.76, 1.84, 2.62), respectively.

Conclusions: According to the study results, a significant increase in the incidence of brain cancer was observed over a 4‑year period in Iran. Hence, screening and early detection programs for this type of cancer are highly recommended.


Brain; cancer; epidemiology; incidence; Iran

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