Factors Associated with Mortality among Patients with Colorectal Cancer at the Secondary Care Hospital in Southern Thailand: Hospital‑Based Retrospective Cohort Study

Yameela Maimard, Somkiattiyos Woradet, Bhunyabhadh Chaimay


Background: Globally and in Thailand, the incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC) is third‑ranked behind lung and breast cancer, respectively. This hospital‑based retrospective cohort study aimed to determine factors associated with mortality among patients with CRC. Methods: This study was performed by using the secondary data of the cancer registry among patients with CRC registered in Phatthalung Hospital. Two hundred twenty‑eight patients with CRC were diagnosed and followed up from January 2014 to December 2018. Multiple logistic regression analysis was used to analyze factors associated with mortality among subjects with CRC. Results: The results revealed that the proportion of mortality among subjects with CRC was 50.44% (115 cases) at six months of following up. Subjects who had an increasing age every ten years (adjusted odds ratio [ORadj] = 1.40, 95 percent confidence interval [95% CI]: 1.09–1.80) were diagnosed with CRC at stage 3 (2.64, 1.19–5.84) and at stage 4 (11.63, 2.69–50.15) more likely to die. Also, subjects who received a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment (3.44, 1.20–9.85), combination treatment of surgery, and postoperative care (2.46, 1.22–4.94) were more likely to die. Subjects who had not had surgery treatment were more likely to die (35.00, 7.44–168.27). Conclusions: In conclusion, factors such as the age of patients, stage of CRC, and treatment were associated with mortality among patients with CRC. Hence, medical and health professionals should consider these factors according to the treatment and optimization in patients with CRC.


Colorectal cancer; death, mortality; staging of colorectal cancer; treatment

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