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January 2000 to 2015: How Far Have We Progressed in Achieving the Health Related Millennium Development Goals? Abstract   PDF
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
March 2017 Measles‑Rubella Vaccination Campaign in India Abstract   PDF
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
June 2019 SARS‑CoV‑2 (COVID‑19) Pandemic and Mental Health: Challenges to Homeless Children and Youths Abstract   PDF
David Onchonga, Likhith Bhaskar
June 2019‑nCoV Outbreak Declared as Public Health Emergency of International Concern: What Next? Abstract   PDF
Saurabh R. Shrivastava, Prateek S. Shrivastava
Vol 3, No 5: May 2012 25‑Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations in Patients with Optic Neuritis as a Clinically Isolated Syndrome and Healthy Controls Abstract   PDF   XML
Masoud Etemadifar, Seyed-Hossein Abtahi, Hassan Razmjoo, Mohammad-Ali Abtahi, Ali-Reza Dehghani, Mehri Salari, Amir-Hadi Maghzi, Mojtaba Akbari
Vol 5, No 3: March 2014 5A Tobacco Cessation Strategy and Physicians’ Practice in Odisha, India: A Cross Sectional Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Sanghamitra Pati, Smrutijit Patnaik, Subhashisa Swain
July A 5‑year Assessment on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in a Referral Center in Tehran‑Iran Abstract   PDF
Mitra Rahimi, Abbas Aghabiklooei, Soheil Nasouhi, Mohammad Mashayekhian, Ahmad Ghoochani, Yavar Yousefi, Hossein Hassanian‑ Moghaddam
June A Burden Assessment of Occupational Exposures in Iran, 1990–2010: Findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 Abstract   PDF
Sharareh R. NiakanKalhori, Ali Behzadi, Hamidreza Maharlou, Shadi Rahimzadeh, Alireza Khajavi, Gholamreza Pouryaghoub, Ramin Mehrdad, Omid Aminian, Shohreh Naderimagham
Supplement Issue of the Sports Medicine Congress A Cadaver Study of the Structures and Positions of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in Humans Abstract   PDF   XML
Ahmad Bagheri Moghaddam, Ali Torkaman
Vol 3, No 7: July 2012 A Case of Congenital Lipoid Adrenal Hyperplasia Abstract   PDF   XML
Mahin Hashemipour, Mahmoud Ghasemi, Silva Hovsepian
July A Commentary on Individuals’ Views about Hygienic Rules against Coronavirus Outbreak: Engaged, Disengaged, and Negligent Individuals Abstract   PDF
Hasan Ashrafi‑rizi, Zahra Kazempour, Saeed Khazaie
Vol 5, No 8: August 2014 A Community Based Study to Test the Reliability and Validity of Physical Activity Measurement Techniques Abstract   PDF
Puneet Misra, Ravi Prakash Upadhyay, Anand Krishnan, Neelam Sharma, Suresh K. Kapoor
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress A Comparative Assessment the Efficacy of Intravenous Infusion of Sodium Valproate and Phenytion in the Treatment of Status Epilepticus Abstract   PDF   XML
Ahmad Chitsaz, Jafar Mehvari, Mehri Salari, Fataneh Gholami, Mohammad-reza Najafi
Vol 1, No 3: Summer 2010 A Comparative Study of 25 (OH) Vitamin D Serum Levels in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Control Group in Isfahan, Iran Abstract   XML   PDF
Vahid Shaygannejad, Khodayar Golabchi, Sepehr Haghighi, Hamed Dehghan
June A Comparative Study of the Effect of Nasal Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation and Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure on the Regional Brain Tissue Oximetry in Premature Newborns Weighing <1500 g Abstract   PDF
Alireza Sadeghnia, Marzieh Zamani Foroshani, Zohreh Badiei
April A Comparative Study on Cancer Prevention Principles Between Iranian Traditional Medicine and Classic Medicine Abstract   PDF
Mehrdad Zeinalian, Mehdi Eshaghi, Mohammad Reza Sharbafchi, Homayoun Naji, Sayed Mohammad Masoud Marandi, Sedigheh Asgary
Vol 5, No 6: June 2014 A Comparative Study on Tobacco Cessation Methods: A Quantitative Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Gholamreza Heydari, Mohammadreza Masjedi, Arezoo Ebnahmady, Scott J. Leischow, Harry A. Lando, Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr, Lida Fadaizadeh
Vol 4, No 2, February 2013 A Comparison between International Obesity Task Force and Center for Disease Control References in Assessment of Overweight and Obesity Among Adolescents in Babol, Northern Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Karimollah Hajian-Tilaki, Behzad Heidari
Vol 5, No 9: September 2014 A Comparison between the Effect of Fluorescent lamps and Quartz Halogen Incandescent Filament Lamps on the treatment of Hyperbilirobinemia in newborns with the Gestational Age of 35 Weeks or More Abstract   PDF
Alireza Sadeghnia, Masoud Ganji, Amir Mohammad Armanian
Supplement Issue of the Sports Medicine Congress A Comparison of 12 Weeks of Pilates and Aquatic Training on the Dynamic Balance of Women with Mulitple Sclerosis Abstract   PDF   XML
Sayyed Mohammad Marandi, Vahid Shayegan Nejad, Zohreh Shanazari, Vahid Zolaktaf
Vol 1, No 1: Winter 2010 A Comparison of Adaptive Behaviors among Mentally Retarded and Normal Individuals: A guide to Prevention and Treatment Abstract   XML   PDF
Leyla Sadrossadat, Alireza Moghaddami, Seyyed Jalal Sadrossadat
Vol 1, No 3: Summer 2010 A Comparison of HbA1c and Fasting Blood Sugar Tests in General Population Abstract   XML   PDF
Zahra Ghazanfari, Ali Akbar Haghdoost, Sakineh Mohammad Alizadeh, Jamileh Atapour, Farzaneh Zolala
January A Comparison of the Effect of Nasal bi‑level Positive Airway Pressure and Sigh‑positive Airway Pressure on the Treatment of the Preterm Newborns Weighing Less than 1500 g Affiliated with Respiratory Distress Syndrome Abstract   PDF
Alireza Sadeghnia, Navid Danaei, Behzad Barkatein
January A Comprehensive Health Plan: The Lifestyle Affecting Factors in Iranian Youth Abstract   PDF
Ahdieh Chinekesh, Seyed Ali Hoseini, Farahnaz Mohammadi Shahbolaghi, Mohammad Esmael Motlagh, Monir Baradaran Eftekhari, Gelayol Ardalan, Shirin Djalalinia
November A Comprehensive Review on Various Aspects of SARS‑CoV‑2 (COVID‑19) Vaccines Abstract   PDF
Sajjad Rahimi Pordanjani, Ali Rahimi Pordanjani, Hasan Askarpour, Mehrdad Arjmand, Masoudeh Babakhanian, Masoud Amiri, Elaheh Mazaheri
June A Contemporary Review of the Relationship between Red Meat Consumption and Cardiovascular Risk Abstract   PDF
Sofa Bronzato, Alessandro Durante
February A Critical Analysis of the World’s Largest Publicly Funded Health Insurance Program: India’s Ayushman Bharat Abstract   PDF
Rajesh Kamath, Helmut Brand
Vol 5, No 12: December 2014 A Cross‑sectional Study of Correlation of Body Image Anxiety with Social Phobia and Their Association with Depression in the Adolescents from a Rural Area of Sangli District in India Abstract   PDF
Vivek Baliram Waghachavare, Sanjay R. Quraishi, Girish B. Dhumale, Alka D. Gore
February A Deeper View of Early Life Microbiota and Hygiene Hypothesis Relationship: Reducing the Risk of Allergic Diseases is Dependent on the Permanent Presence of Good Microbiota throughout Life Abstract   PDF
Babak Beikzadeh
Vol 5, No 1: January 2014 A Dish-Based Semi-Quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire for Assessment of Dietary Intakes in Epidemiologic Studies in Iran: Design and Development Abstract   PDF   XML
Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh, Somayeh Rajaie, Gholamreza Askari, Christine Feinle-Bisset, Payman Adibi
April A Fuzzy BWM‑TOPSIS Framework for Identifying and Prioritizing Measures to Overcome Obstacles to the Regionalization of Iranian Healthcare Services Abstract   PDF
Zahra Zare, Arash Haqbin, Khalil Kalavani, Payam Shojaei
Vol 2, No 2: April 2011 A Gap Between Policy and Practice: A Case Study on Maternal Mortality Reports, Kerman, Iran Abstract   XML   PDF
Farzaneh Zolala, Ali Akbar Haghdoost
June A Health Education Intervention Study on Tobacco Consumption Among the Urban Slum Residents of Central India Abstract   PDF
Anshuman Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Sanjay Agrawal, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Shalini Sarouthia
February A Higher Dietary Inflammatory Index Score is Associated with a Higher Risk of Incidence and Mortality of Cancer: A Comprehensive Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis Abstract   PDF
Hoda Zahedi, Shirin Djalalinia, Hamid Asayesh, Morteza Mansourian, Zahra Esmaeili Abdar, Armita Mahdavi Gorabi, Hossein Ansari, Mehdi Noroozi, Mostafa Qorbani
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress A Literature Review on the Efficacy and Safety of Botulinum Toxin: An Injection in Post‑Stroke Spasticity Abstract   PDF   XML
Majid Ghasemi, Mehri Salari, Fariborz Khorvash, Vahid Shaygannejad
April A Manual for Prioritizing the Topics of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Family Physicians Abstract   PDF
Leila Mounesan, Azadeh Sayarifard, Leila Haghjou, Laleh Ghadirian, Fatemeh Rajabi, Saharnaz Nedjat
July A National Survey on the characteristics of Iranian General Practitioners and Their Preferred Specialty: A Need to Transition toward Preventive Medicine Abstract   PDF
Yaser Sarikhani, Peivand Bastani, Mohsen Bayati
Vol 5, No 9: September 2014 A Nationwide Survey on Some Hygienic Behaviors of Iranian Children and Adolescents: The CASPIAN - IV Study Abstract   PDF
Morteza Sadinejad, Roya Kelishadi, Mostafa Qorbani, Armindokht Shahsanai, Mohammad Esmaeel Motlagh, Gelayol Ardalan, Ramin Heshmat, Mojtaba Keikha
Vol 5, No2: February 2014 A Nationwide Survey on the Daily Screen Time of Iranian Children and Adolescents: The CASPIAN - IV Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohsen Jari, Mostafa Qorbani, Mohammad Esmaeil Motlagh, Ramin Heshmat, Gelayol Ardalan, Roya Kelishadi
October A New Use for an Old Medicine: Dextromethorphan to Prevent Postoperative Sore Throat Abstract   PDF
Talisa M. Fernandes, Gauri R. Gangakhedkar
June A Pediatric Case of Antibiotic‑Associated Hemorrhagic Colitis Caused by Klebsiella Oxytoca Abstract   PDF
Abdollah Karimi, Arefeh Fayazi, Javad Ghorobi, Zahra Pourmoghaddas
October A Pilot Retrospective Study Validating Noncommunicable Disease Risk Assessment Score (AMNRAS) Abstract   PDF
Arti Gupta, Sathiyanarayanan S, Rajeev Aravindakshan, Rakesh Kakkar
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Attachment‑based Intervention on Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Abstract   PDF   XML
Shiva Rezvan, Fatemeh Bahrami, Mohamadreza Abedi, Colin Macleod, Hamid Taher Neshatdoost, Vahid Ghasemi
July A Proposed Strategy for Research Misconduct Policy: A Review on Misconduct Management in Health Research System Abstract   PDF
Shirin Djalalinia, Parviz Owlia, Hossein Malek Afzali, Mostafa Ghanei, Niloofar Peykari
Vol 5, No 6: June 2014 A Qualitative Study of Community‑based Health Programs in Iran: An Experience of participation in I.R.IRAN Abstract   PDF
Monir Baradaran Eftekhari, A Mirabzadeh, Ameneh Setareh Forouzan, Masoumeh Dejman, H Malek Afzali, SH Djalalinia, N Peykari
July A Randomized Clinical Trial on Treatment of Chronic Constipation by Traditional Persian Medicine Recommendations Compared to Allopathic Medicine: A Pilot Study Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Reza Fattahi, Seyed Morteza Emami Alorizi, Majid Nimrouzi, Mohammad M. Zarshenas, Mohammad Mahdi Parvizi
October A Randomized Controlled Trial of Zinc Supplementation as Adjuvant Therapy for Dengue Viral Infection in Thai Children Abstract   PDF
Sanguansak Rerksuppaphol, Lakkana Rerksuppaphol
Vol 4, No 7, July 2013 A Rare Clinicopathological Presentation of the Breast Carcinoma; Implications and Outcome Abstract   PDF   XML
Sanjay Pandit, Rikki Singal, Subhash Goyal, Nanak Chand Mahajan, Ravish Aneja, Nitin Kaushik, Sarika Jain, Samita Singal
Vol 4, No 7, July 2013 A Report of High Triglyceride Level in Cord Blood of Iranian Newborns Abstract   PDF   XML
Seyed Ali Naghi Kazemi, Nooreddin Mousavinasab, Ali Awsat Mellati, Mansour Sadeghzadeh
December Supplement Issue (2) [School health] A Review Study of Substance Abuse Status in High School Students, Isfahan, Iran Abstract   PDF
Mahmonir Nahvizadeh, Shohreh Akhavan, Sara Arti, Leila Qaraat, Nahid Geramian, Ziba Farajzadegan, Kamal Heidari
Vol 5, No 6: June 2014 A single-subject study to examine the effects of constrained-induced aphasia therapy on naming deficit Abstract   PDF
Shohre Kaviani, Ahmad Reza Khatoonabadi, Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari, Mahsa Saadati, Vahid ShayganNejad
Vol 2, No 2: April 2011 A six months follow-up on children less than 6 years old in contact with smear positive tuberculosis patients, Varamin city,Tehran,Iran. Abstract   XML   PDF
Zohreh Aminzadeh, Rahim Taghizadeh Asl
Vol 5, No 5: May 2014 A Small-Scale Cross-Sectional Study for the Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Relation to Body Composition and Morphometric Characters in Fishermen of Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, India Abstract   PDF
Pallav Sengupta, Prasenjit Chaudhuri, Koushik Bhattacharya
January A Snapshot of Pre- and Post-intervention Changes Among Cardiovascular Disease Patients Participating in the New Smoking Cessation Program Abstract   PDF   Untitled
Junainah Azmi, Mohd Said Nurumal, Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed, Norny Syafinaz Ab Rahman
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 A Study of Spousal Domestic Violence in an Urban Slum of Mumbai Abstract   PDF   XML
Prateek Sudhakar Shrivastava, Saurabh Rambiharilal Shrivastava
Vol 2, No 4: October 2011 A Study on Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, and Red Blood Cell Indices in New Entering Students of the University of Isfahan Abstract   PDF   XML
Alireza Moafi, Soheila Rahgozar, Majid Ghias, Elham Vahdat ahar, Amirbahador Borumand, Amirhosein Sabbaghi, Amirabass Sameti, Mostafa Hashemi
Vol 5, No 1: January 2014 A Study on Fertility Perception: An Experience from West Bengal, India Abstract   PDF   XML
Sankar Nath Jha, Baijayanti Baur, Anima Haldar, Urmila Dasgupta
Vol 5, No 9: September 2014 A study on the direct and indirect costs of multiple sclerosis based on EDSS score in Khuzestan, Iran Abstract   PDF
Amin Torabipour, Zahra Ahmadi Asl, Nastaran Majdinasab, Roya Ghasemzadeh, Hammed Tabesh, Arab Mohammad
VOL 3, NO 11: November 2012 A Study on Work Ability Index and Physical Work Capacity on the Base of Fax Equation VO2 Max in Male Nursing Hospital Staff in Isfahan, Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Ehsanollah Habibi, Habibollah Dehghan, Mohhamad Zeinodini, Hosseinali Yousefi, Akbar Hasanzadeh
January A Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis of Health Care Quality in Iran Based on the Comprehensive Quality Measurement in Health Care Model Abstract   PDF
Nader MarkaziMoghaddam, Sanaz Zargar Balaye Jame, Mahdi Nikoomanesh, Ramin Rezapour
November A Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis of the Prevalence of Malnutrition Among 6‑14‑Year‑Old Children in Iran Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Mohseni, Shiler Ahmadi, Heshmatollah Asadi, Elham Dehghanpour Mohammadian, Zoleykha Asgarlou, Fatemeh Ghazanfari, Ahmad Moosavi
August A Systematic Review and Meta‑analysis on the Prevalence of HBsAg in Health Care Workers from Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Countries Abstract   PDF
Mehran Babanejad, Neda Izadi, Seyed M. Alavian
Vol 5, No 11: November 2014 A Systematic Review on Exposure to Toxic and Essential Elements through Black Tea Consumption in Iran: Could It be a Major Risk for Human Health? Abstract   PDF
Elahe Rezaee, Maryam Mirlohi, Azizolah Fallah, Mina Babashahi
April A Systematic Review on the Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Cardiometabolic Impairment Abstract   PDF
Parinaz Poursafa, Mahmood Moosazadeh, Ehsan Abedini, Yaghoub Hajizadeh, Marjan Mansourian, Hamidreza Pourzamani, Mohammad-Mehdi Amin
June Abdominal Obesity Indicators: Waist Circumference or Waist‑to‑hip Ratio in Malaysian Adults Population Abstract   PDF
Norfazilah Ahmad, Samia Ibrahim Mohamed Adam, Azmawati Mohammed Nawi, Mohd Rohaizat Hassan, Hasanain Faisal Ghazi
February Acacetin Attenuates Renal Damage‑Induced by Ischemia‑Reperfusion with Declining Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress in Mice Abstract   PDF
Abdolhosein Shiravi, Cyrus Jalili, Gholamhasan Vaezi, Ali Ghanbari, Alvand Alvani
March Accuracy Evaluation of Pediatric Appendicitis Scoring (PAS) Method in Differentiating Nonspecific Abdominal Pain from Appendicitis Abstract   PDF
Roya Raeisi, Mona Azizi, Jalaleddin Amiri, Manouchehr Ghorbanpour, Farzaneh Esna‑Ashari
October Acquaintance and Approach in the Direction of Tobacco Cessation Among Dental Practitioners—A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Divyangi Goel, Pankaj Kumar Chaudhary, Ambar Khan, Basavaraj Patthi, Ashish Singla, Ravneet Malhi, Ramandeep Singh Gambhir
October Acquired Bilateral Longitudinal True Leukonychia in a 35‑year‑old Woman Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Mokhtari, Samaneh Mozafarpoor, Saeid Nouraei, Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh
Vol 3, No 4: April 2012 Acute Right Coronary Ostial Stenosis during Aortic Valve Replacement Abstract   PDF   XML
Umran Sarwar, Govind Chetty, Pradip K Sarkar
October Adaptation of Clinical Practice Guideline for Colorectal Cancer Screening in People with Average Risk in Isfahan Province Abstract   PDF
Elham Tabesh, Maryam Ghassami, Reza Rezayatmand, Marzieh Tahmasebi, Payman Adibi
October Adaptation, Validity, and Reliability Assessments for the Persian Version of the Tobacco Craving Questionnaire‑Short Form Abstract   PDF
Shahram Ghorbani Behnam, Seyed A. Mousavi, Mohammad H. Emamian
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 Addressing the Changing Sources of Health Information in Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Amir Alishahi-Tabriz, Mohammad-Reza Sohrabi, Nazanin Kiapour, Nina Faramarzi
August Adherence of General Practitioners to the National Hypertension Guideline, Isfahan, Iran Abstract   PDF
Amir Vatani Nezafat, Negah Tavakolifard, Atefeh Vaezi
August Adherence to Recommended Dietary Guidelines and the Relationships with the Importance of Eating Healthy in Egyptian University Students Abstract   PDF
Walid El Ansari, Anastasia Samara
September Adiponectin: Role in Physiology and Pathophysiology Abstract   PDF
Thi Mong Diep Nguyen
August Administration of Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium bifidum Ameliorated Hyperglycemia, Dyslipidemia, and Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Rats Abstract   PDF
Poonam Sharma, Priyanka Bhardwaj, Rambir Singh
December Supplement Issue (2) [School health] Adolescent Perception on School Environment and Smoking Behavior: Analysis of Isfahan Tobacco use Prevention Program Abstract   PDF
Hamidreza Roohafza, Kamal Heidari, Razieh Omidi, Tahereh Alinia, Masoumeh Sadeghi, Gholamhossein Mohammad‑Shafiee, Mehdi Naji
August Advanced Parental Age and Risk of Positive Autism Spectrum Disorders Screening Abstract   PDF
Leila Manzouri, Sepideh Yousefian, Ali Keshtkari, Nazir Hashemi
Vol 5, No 5: May 2014 Adverse health problems among municipality workers in Alexandria (Egypt) Abstract   PDF
Ekram W. Abd El- Wahab, Safaa M. Eassa, Sameh E. Lotfi, Sanaa A. El Masry, Hanan Z. Shatat, Amira M. Kotkat
September Aerobic Exercises Induce Antioxidant Pathways Activation in Rats Abstract   PDF
Najmeh Barghi, Effat Bambaeichi, Mostafa Rezaei‑Tavirani, Neda Khaledi
August Aerobic Training‑induced Upregulation of YAP1 and Prevention of Cardiac Pathological Hypertrophy in Male Rats Abstract   PDF
Arezoo Tabrizi, Rahman Soori, Siroos Choobineh, Majid Gholipour
December Age at Natural Menopause; A Data Mining Approach (Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2013‑2014) Abstract   PDF
Tahereh Alinia, Soheila Khodakarim, Fahimeh Ramezani Tehrani, Siamak Sabour
September Aged Garlic and Cancer: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Maryam Miraghajani, Nahid Rafie, Hossein Hajianfar, Bagher Larijani, Leila Azadbakht
December Supplement Issue (2) [School health] Aggression and Violence among Iranian Adolescents and Youth: A  10‑year Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Saeid Sadeghi, Ziba Farajzadegan, Roya Kelishadi, Kamal Heidari
February Air Pollution: Avicenna’s Concept Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud Babaeian, Mohsen Naseri, Mohammad Kamalinejad, Farzaneh Ghaffari, Mohammad Mazaheri
February Air Travel in the Time of Covid‑19 Pandemic: Precautions and Preventions Abstract   PDF
Rinnie Brar, Pradip Kumar Saha
Vol 2, No 4: October 2011 Air-Freshener Burns: A New Paradigm in Burns Etiology? Abstract   PDF   XML
Umran Sarwar, M Nicolaou, MS Khan, E Tiernan
July Alert on Racial Discrimination in COVID‑19 Vaccination Abstract   PDF
Masoud Mohammadi
June Alloimmunization in Thalassemia Patients Abstract   PDF
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
December Alloimmunization in Thalassemia Patients: New Insight for Healthcare Abstract   PDF
Ali Davoudi‑ Kiakalayeh, Reza Mohammadi, Ali Akbar Pourfathollah, Zahra Siery, Sajad Davoudi‑ Kiakalayeh
June Altmetric Analysis of Contemporary Iranian Medical Journals Abstract   PDF
Jafar Kolahi, Saber Khazaei, Elham Bidram, Roya Kelishadi
July Ambient Temperature Interferes with COVID‑19 Abstract   PDF
Manouchehr Ahmadi Hedayati
March Amblyopia Prevention Screening Program in Northwest Iran (Ardabil) Abstract   PDF
Habib Ojaghi, Roozbeh Moghaddar, Saeid Sadeghieh Ahari, Mohammad Bahadoram, Firouz Amani
Vol 4, No 11, November 2013 An Algorithm of Smoking Stages Assessment in Adolescents: A Validation Study Using the Latent Class Analysis Model Abstract   PDF   XML
Asghar Mohammadpoorasl, Saharnaz Nedjat, Kamran Yazdani, Ali Fakhari, Abbas Rahimi Foroushani, Akbar Fotouhi
September An Analysis of Electronic Cigarette and Cigarette Advertising in US Women’s Magazines Abstract   PDF
Corey Hannah Basch, Jennifer Mongiovi, Grace Clarke Hillyer, Danna Ethan, Rodney Hammond
September An Analysis of Widely Viewed YouTube Videos on Anal Cancer Abstract   PDF
Corey H. Basch, Aleksandar Kecojevic, Alyssa Berdnik, Valerie Cadorett, Charles E. Basch
February An Epidemiological Study of Addictive Behavior Pattern Among Adolescent Tobacco Users Abstract   PDF
Sushant S. Chavan, Vikrant S. Pagar, Anant Borde, Sarika P. Patil, Amol D. Kinge
October An Evaluation of Four Years Implementation of National Nutrition and Food Security Policy in Iran: Lessons Learned Abstract   PDF
Behzad Damari, Zahra Abdollahi, Mona Pourghaderi, Fatemeh Mohammadi-Nasrabadi
July An Evaluation of the Relationship between Mental Disorders and Driving Accidents among Truck Drivers Abstract   PDF
Siamak Pourabdian, Saeid Lotfi, Saeid Yazdanirad, Parastoo Golshiri, Akbar Hassanzadeh
May An Exploration of Barriers and Enablers of Retention in a Program to Reduce Vertical Transmission of HIV at Health Centers in Zimbabwe Abstract   PDF
Augustine Ndaimani, Inam Chitsike, Clara Haruzivishe, Babill Stray‑Pedersen
February An Investigation on the Effect of Exercise on Insomnia Symptoms Abstract   PDF
Haleh Dadgostar, Afsaneh Basharkhah, Mir Farhad Ghalehbandi, Fatemeh Kashaninasab
September An Opportunity for a Revolution in Mental Health Services toward Positive Well‑Being Abstract   PDF
Fides A. del Castillo
August An overview of the Genesis of Preventive Oncology Unit at a Tertiary Cancer Care Hospital in a Developing Country – A concept paper Abstract   PDF
Vinod K. Ramani, Radheshyam Naik
December Supplement Issue (2) [School health] An Overview on the Comprehensive Program on Prevention and Control of High Risk Behaviors in 7-18-year-old Individuals in Isfahan, Iran Abstract   PDF
Kamal Heidari, Ziba Farajzadegan, Rezvan Pashmi, Saeed Bagheri, Seyyed Azim Fatemi
November An Updated Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis on Association of Serum Lipid Profile With Risk of Breast Cancer Incidence Abstract   PDF
Atefeh Amerizadeh, Golnaz Vaseghi, Ziba Farajzadegan, Sedigheh Asgary
October Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Abuse and their Health Impacts: A Cross‑sectional Study among Body Builders in a City of Eastern India Abstract   PDF
Subraham Pany, Sandeep Kumar Panigrahi, E Venkata Rao, Lipilekha Patnaik, Trilochan Sahu
May Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of hydroalcoholic and hexane extracts of Smyrniopsis aucheri in animal models Abstract   PDF
Valiollah Hajhashemi, Seyed Ebrahim Sajjadi, Maram Hasani
April Analysis of Iranian Youth Health Policy: Necessity of Action‑oriented Interventions Abstract   PDF
Behzad Damari, Siamak Alikhani, Forouzan Akrami
Vol 4, No 8, August 2013 Analysis of Relationship between Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Gene (G308A Polymorphism) with Preterm Labor Abstract   PDF   XML
Lobat Jafarzadeh, Azar Danesh, Marzieh Sadeghi, Fateme Heybati, Morteza Hashemzadeh
Vol 4, No 7, July 2013 Analysis of the Thermal Comfort and Impact Properties of the Neoprene‑Spacer Fabric Structure for Preventing the Joint Damages Abstract   PDF   XML
Ehsan Ghorbani, Hossein Hasani, Homa Rafeian, Batool Hashemibeni
March Analysis of Varying MicroRNAs as a Novel Biomarker for Early Diagnosis of Preeclampsia: A Scoping Systematic Review of the Observational Study Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Mikail Athif Zhafir Asyura, Maria Komariah, Shakira Amirah, Emir G. Faisal, Sidik Maulana, Hesti Platini, Tuti Pahria
August Analyzing Short Message Services Application Effect on Diabetic Patients’ Self‑caring Abstract   PDF
Seyed Abolhassan Naghibi, Mahmood Moosazadeh, Akram Zhyanifard, Zoreh Jafari Makrani, Jamshid Yazdani Cherati
Vol 4, No 3, March 2013 Angiotensin 1‑7 Receptor and Angiotensin II Receptor 2 Blockades Prevent the Increased Serum and Kidney Nitric Oxide Levels in Response to Angiotensin II Administration: Gender‑Related Difference Abstract   PDF   XML
Tahereh Safari, Mehdi Nematbakhsh
August Antenatal Care and Weight Gain in Adolescent Compared to Adult Pregnancy Abstract   PDF
Sergije Marković, Anis Cerovac, Elmedina Cerovac, Dragana Marković, Gordana Bogdanović, Suad Kunosić
Vol 3, No 9: September 2012 Anti-aquaporin-4 IgG in Patients Presenting with Unilateral Optic Neuritis: A Cohort Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Masoud Etemadifar, Mohammad-Ali Abtahi, Hassan Razmjoo, Seyed-Hossein Abtahi, Ali-Reza Dehghani, Zahra-Alsadat Abtahi, Mojtaba Akbari, Shahir Mazaheri, Amir-Hadi Maghzi
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Antibiotics for the Treatment of Leptospirosis: Systematic Review and Meta‑analysis of Controlled Trials Abstract   PDF   XML
Jaykaran Charan, Deepak Saxena, Summaiya Mulla, Preeti Yadav
July Anticonvulsant Effects of Lippia citriodora (Verbenaceae) Leaves Ethanolic Extract in Mice: Role of GABAergic System Abstract   PDF
Amir Rashidian, Forogh Farhang, Habib Vahedi, Ahmad Reza Dehpour, Shahram Ejtemai Mehr, Saeed Mehrzadi, Seyed Mahdi Rezayat
September Antidepressant Activity of Enicostemma littorale Blume in Shp2 (Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase)‑inhibited Animal Model of Depression Abstract   PDF
Doss VA, Dharaniyambigai Kuberapandian
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress Antiepileptic Drugs: A Consideration of Clinical and Biochemical Outcome in Patients with Epilepsy Abstract   PDF   XML
Zahra Tolou‑Ghamari, Mohammad Zare, Jafar Mehvari Habibabadi, Mohammad‑Reza Najafi
December Antifungal Effects of Iranian Propolis Extract and Royal jelly Against Candida albicans In‑Vitro Abstract   PDF
Hassan Moghim, Simin Taghipour, Soleiman Kheiri, Hamideh Khabbazi, Azar Baradaran
March Antihyperlipidemic Effect of Different Fractions Obtained from Teucrium polium Hydroalcoholic Extract in Rats Abstract   PDF
Leila Safaeian, Mustafa Ghanadian, Zahra Shafee‑Moghadam
July Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis presenting with status epilepticus: Brucellosis as a possible triggering factor: A case report Abstract   PDF
Atousa Hakamifard, Seyed Navid Naghibi, Seyed Sohrab Hashemi Fesharaki
September Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities of Lactobacillus Hilgardii Strain AG12a Abstract   PDF
Zahra Pourramezan, Mana Oloomi, Rouha KasraKermanshahi
November Antioxidant Properties of Saffron Stigma and Petals: A Potential Therapeutic Approach for Insulin Resistance through an Insulin‑Sensitizing Adipocytokine in High‑Calorie Diet Rats Abstract   PDF
Zabihullah Mohaqiq, Maryam Moossavi, Mina Hemmati, Tooba Kazemi, Omid Mehrpour
October Antiproliferative and Anti‑invasion Effects of Carvacrol on PC3 Human Prostate Cancer Cells through Reducing pSTAT3, pAKT, and pERK1/2 Signaling Proteins Abstract   PDF
Esfandiar Heidarian, Mahnaz Keloushadi
April Anti‑Inflammatory Effects of a Period of Aerobic Training and Vitamin D Supplementation in Postmenopausal Women with Metabolic Syndrome Abstract   PDF
Parivash Najafi Nazarabadi, Zaher Etemad, Rastegar Hoseini, Fatah Moradi
Supplement Issue of the Sports Medicine Congress Anti‑Oxidative and Anti‑Inflammatory Effects of Ginger in Health and Physical Activity: Review of Current Evidence Abstract   PDF   XML
Nafiseh Shokri Mashhadi, Reza Ghiasvand, Gholamreza Askari, Mitra Hariri, Leila Darvishi, Mohammad Reza Mofid
Vol 4, No 2, February 2013 Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Amputated Limbs Suffering from Phantom Pain: A Comparative Study with Non‑Phantom Chronic Pain Abstract   PDF   XML
Hadi Kazemi, Shahin Ghassemi, Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad, Afshin Amini, Pier Hossein Kolivand, Taher Doroudi
July Anxiety Disorder in Homemakers of Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand, India Abstract   PDF
Amandeep Kaur, Mrinmay Das, Hariom Kumar Solanki, Sadhana Awasthi, Anuradha Hyanki
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress Anxiety of Women Employees and The Process of Maternal Role Abstract   PDF   XML
Mansoureh Ahmadifaraz, Azam Foroughipour, Heidarali Abedi, Mehrdad Azarbarzin, Leila Dehghani, Rokhsareh Meamar
Vol 3, No 3: March 2012 Aphorisms and Short Phrases as Pieces of Knowledge in the Pedagogical Framework of the Andalusian School of Public Health Abstract   PDF   XML
Lorena González-García, Clarice Chemello, Filomena García-Sánchez, Delia Serpa-Anaya, Carmen Gómez-González, Leticia Soriano-Carrascosa, Paloma Muñoz-de Rueda, Miguel Moya-Molina, Fernando Sánchez-García, Manuel Ortega-Calvo
March Appendicular Skeletal Muscle Mass Reference Values and the Peak Muscle Mass to Identify Sarcopenia among Iranian Healthy Population Abstract   PDF
Gita Shafee, Afshin Ostovar, Ramin Heshmat, Abbas Ali Keshtkar, Farshad Sharif, Zhaleh Shadman, Iraj Nabipour, Akbar Soltani, Bagher Larijani
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress Application and Preventive Maintenance of Neurology Medical Equipment in Isfahan Alzahra Hospital Abstract   PDF   XML
Parivash Alikhani, Sahar Vesal, Parviz Kashefi, Ramin Etamadi Pour, Fariborz Khorvash, Gholamreza Askari, Rokhsareh Meamar
Vol 5, No 5: May 2014 Application of Capture-Recapture for Fine-Tuning Uncertainties about National Maternal Mortality Estimates Abstract   PDF
Bahareh Yazdizadeh, Kazem Mohammad, Saharnaz Nedjat, Nasrin Changizi, Arash Azemikhah, Nahid Jafari, Laleh Radpoyan, Reza Majdzadeh
Vol 4, No 11, November 2013 Application of PHEL - ‘Public Health Epidemiological Logic’ of Public Health Intervention and Public Health Impact Abstract   PDF   XML
Rajan R Patil
October Application of Social Cognitive Theory to Prevent Waterpipe Use in Male High‑school Students in Kerman, Iran Abstract   PDF
Mohammadreza Rajabalipour, Hamid Sharifi, Nouzar Nakhaee, Abedin Iranpour
March Application of Sonoelastography in Differential Diagnosis of Benign and Malignant Thyroid Nodules Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Esfahanian, Arvin Aryan, Mahsa Ghajarzadeh, Meisam Hosein Yazdi, Nasir Nobakht, Mehdi Burchi
Vol 4, No 7, July 2013 Application of WHOQOL-BREF in Measuring Quality of Life in Health-Care Staff Abstract   PDF   XML
Ali Gholami, Leila Moosavi Jahromi, Esmail Zarei, Azizallah Dehghan
March Applications of Text Messaging, and Bibliotherapy for Treatment of Patients Affected by Depressive Symptoms Abstract   PDF
Roya Taleban, Ahmadreza Zamani, Mohammad Moafi, Nasrin Jiryaee, Reza Khadivi
Vol 3, No 4: April 2012 Applying an Educational-participatory Program based on the PRECEDE Model for Promoting Self-esteem and Mental Health of Students in Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Mahdi Moshki, Alireza Atarodi B, Alireza Moslem, Mahdokht Taheri
January Appropriate Interventions for Pregnant Women with Indicators of Metabolic Syndrome on Pregnancy Outcomes: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Farideh Mohsenzadeh ‑ledari, Ziba Taghizadeh, Zahra Motaghi, Afsaneh Keramat, Mahmood Moosazadeh, Ali Najafi
March Are Abdominal Obese Metabolically Healthy Phenotype a Benign Condition? Protocol for a Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Soraya Doustmohamadian, Farhad Hosseinpanah, Marjan Momeni
November Are Gender Differences in Health‑related Quality of Life Attributable to Sociodemographic Characteristics and Chronic Disease Conditions in Elderly People? Abstract   PDF
Karimollah Hajian‑Tilaki, Behzad Heidari, Arefeh Hajian‑Tilaki
October Are Lipid Profile, Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference, and Blood Pressure of Depressed Elderly Patients Different from Healthy Subjects? Abstract   PDF
Shirin Amini, Saeed Shirali, Sima Jafarirad, Hajar Ehsani, Houra Mohseni, Mehdi Sayah Bargard
Vol 5, No 8: August 2014 Are people in Tehran prepared for the family physician program? Abstract   PDF
Azam Majidi, Nina Loori, Khandan Shahandeh, Ensiyeh Jamshidi, Reza Majdzadeh
Vol 4, No 4, April 2013 Are the Predictors of Hookah Smoking Different from Those of Cigarette Smoking? Report of a Population-based Study in Shiraz, Iran, 2010 Abstract   PDF   XML
Gholamreza Abdollahifard, Veda Vakili, Mina Danaei, Mehrdad Askarian, Laura Romito, Charles John Palenik
December Are We on the Right Track to Achieve Global Immunization Targets? Public Health Perspective Abstract   PDF
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
October Aristolochic Acid Induces Chronic Kidney Disease in ACE Knockout Mice Abstract   PDF
Jia‑Ping Wu
July Artificial Intelligence in Home‑based Geriatric Care: The Newer Approach Abstract   PDF
Kalaivani Annadurai, Hanitha Rajasekar, D. C. Vidya
May Aspects of epidemiology, pathology, virology, immunology, transmission, prevention, prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19 Pandemic: A narrative review Abstract   PDF
Sajjad Rahimi Pordanjani, Ali Hasanpour Dehkordi, Hasan Askarpour, Dariush Bastam, Mohammad Rafiee, Zaher Khazaei, Elaheh Mazaheri, Mohammad Hossein Vaziri, Siamak Sabour
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 Assesment, Treatment and Prevention of Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Abstract   PDF   XML
Azar Nickavar, Kambiz Sotoudeh
October Assessing the Changes in Iranian Household Food Basket Using National Household Budget and Expenditure Survey Data, 1991–2017 Abstract   PDF
Seyyed Reza Sobhani, Hassan Eini‑Zinab, Arezoo Rezazadeh
July Assessing the Need for Routine Screening for Mycoplasma genitalium in the Low‑risk Female Population: A Prevalence and Co‑infection Study on Women from Croatia Abstract   PDF
Sunčanica Ljubin‑Sternak, Tomislav Meštrović, Branko Kolarić, Neda Jarža‑Davila, Tatjana Marijan, Jasmina Vraneš
March Assessing the Risk Factors for Multiple Sclerosis in Women of Reproductive Age Suffering the Disease in Isfahan Province Abstract   PDF   PDF
Mehri Rejali, Sayed Mohsen Hosseini, Maryam Sadat Kazemi Tabaee, Masoud Etemadifar
Vol 4, No 9, September 2013 Assessment of Clinical Profile of the Patients Treated at Ayurvedic Health Facilities in North India Abstract   PDF   XML
Dinesh Kumar, Nafis Ahmed Quasmi, Jameer Khan Chandel, Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj, Sunil Kumar Raina, YK Sharma
Vol 1, No 4: Fall 2010 Assessment of Clopidogrel on the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction in Acute Myocardial infarction Abstract   XML   PDF
Pejman Khosravi, Hasan Shemirani, Behnoud Hedayatpour, Allahyar Golabchi
September Assessment of Different Quit Smoking Methods Selected by Patients in Tobacco Cessation Centers in Iran Abstract   PDF
Gholamreza Heydari, Mohammadreza Masjedi, Arezoo Ebn Ahmady, Scott J. Leischow, Harry A. Lando, Mohammad B. Shadmehr, Lida Fadaizadeh
Vol 5, No2: February 2014 Assessment of Functional Capacity in Chagas Heart Disease by Incremental Shuttle Walk Test and Its Relation to Quality of Life Abstract   PDF   XML
Henrique S Costa, Rafael L Alves, Stela A Silva, Maria Clara N Alencar, Maria do Carmo P Nunes, Márcia M.O Lima, Manoel Otávio C Rocha
Vol 3, No 10: October 2012 Assessment of Head Circumference among Pre-school Children of Midnapore Town, West Bengal using WHO (2007) Recommended Cut-off Points Abstract   PDF   XML
Soumyajit Maiti, Kazi Monjur Ali, Debidas Ghosh, Shyamapada Paul
December Assessment of Health Consequences of Steel Industry Welders’ Occupational Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation Abstract   PDF
Zahra Zamanian, Saied Mohammad Javad Mortazavi, Ebrahim Asmand, Kiana Nikeghbal
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Assessment of Health-Promoting Behavior and Lifestyle of Adolescents of a North Indian City Abstract   PDF   XML
Sonika Raj, Suraj Singh Senjam, Amarjeet Singh
February Assessment of Information on Concussion Available to Adolescents on Social Media Abstract   PDF
Betty Kollia, Corey H. Basch, Christina Mouser, Aurea J. Deleon
January Assessment of Intraorganizational Collaboration in the health sector during Disasters: Exploring a Valid and Reliable Assessment Tool for Disaster Risk Management Abstract   PDF
Shiva Yousefian, Katayoun Jahangiri, Yadollah Mehrabi, Sanaz Sohrabizadeh
October Assessment of Oxidative DNA Damages in Radiography Staff via Evaluation of Its Urinary Biomarker (8‑hydroxy2‑deoxyguanosine) Abstract   PDF
Azam Salehi, Karim Ebrahimpour, Farhad Forouharmajd, Maryam Zarean
Vol 2, No 4: October 2011 Assessment of Perceived Health Status in Hypertensive and Diabetes Mellitus Patients at Primary Health Centers in Oman Abstract   PDF   XML
Ahmed Al-Mandhari, Ibrahim Saud Al-Zakwani, Alya Al-Hasni, Nada Al-Sumri
April Assessment of Salient Beliefs Affecting Mothers’ Intention to Adherence to Dietary Diversity in their Children’s Complementary Feeding Abstract   PDF
Akram Karimi‑Shahanjarini, Fatemeh Rahmani, Ghodratollah Roshanei, Seyyed M. Mahdi Hazavehei
April Assessment of Satisfaction with Drug Provision of Antihypertensive Drugs at the Outpatient Level of Privileged Categories of Residens Abstract   PDF
Abuov Jamil, Kalmakhanov Sundetgali, Seiduanova Laura, Tekmanova Ainur, Toksanbayev Daniyar, Pazilov Sabit, Kemelbekov Kanatzhan
November Assessment of Sleep Quality and Quality of Life in Hypertensive Subjects at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Uttarakhand, India Abstract   PDF
Neha Jain, Monika Pathania, Yogesh Bahurupi
Vol 5, No 12: December 2014 Assessment of Smartphone Addiction in Indian Adolescents: A Mixed Method Study by Systematic‑review and Meta‑analysis Approach Abstract   PDF
Sanjeev Davey, Anuradha Davey
December Assessment of three "who" patient safety solutions: Where do we stand and what can we do? Abstract   PDF
Sheida Banihashemi, Nahid Hatam, Farid Zand, Erfan Kharazmi, Soheila Nasimi, Mehrdad Askarian
December Assessment of Weekly Iron–Folic Acid Supplementation with and without Health Education on Anemia in Adolescent Girls: A Comparative Study Abstract   PDF
Monika Singh, Om Prakash Rajoura, Raghavendra Appasaheb Honnakamble
November Association between Aluminum and Silicon Concentrations in Isfahan Drinking Water and Their Health Risk Assessments Abstract   PDF
Hajar Pourgheysari, Yaghoub Hajizadeh, Mohammad Javad Tarrahi, Afshin Ebrahimi
December Association Between BMI and Inflammation Among Diabetic Polyneuropathy Patients Abstract   PDF
Tayebeh Mottaghi, Fariborz Khorvash, Farzin Khorvash, Mohammadreza Maracy, Majid Kheirrollahi, Gholamreza Askari
March Association between Dental Caries and Body Mass Index‑for‑Age among 10‑12‑Year‑Old Female Students in Tehran Abstract   PDF
Azam Goodarzi, Alireza Heidarnia, Sedigheh Sadat Tavafan, Mohammad Eslami
July Association between Dietary Fat Intake and Odds of Gastro‑esophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD) in Iranian Adults Abstract   PDF
Soraiya Ebrahimpour-Koujan, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh, Peyman Adibi
September Association between Dietary Inflammatory Index and Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases Among Firefighters Abstract   PDF
Aniseh Vatandoost, Leila Azadbakht, Mehrnaz Morvaridi, Ali Kabir, Gholamreza Mohammadi Farsani
July Association between Dietary Inflammatory Index with Bioelectrical Impedance Parameters and Characteristics Health in Overweight/Obese Women: A Cross‑Sectional Study Abstract   PDF
Negin Badrooj, Seyed Ali Keshavarz, Mir Saeed Yekaninejad, Khadijeh Mirzaei
October Association between Dietary Intakes of Tea, Coffee, and Soft Drinks in Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiography with Coronary Artery Stenosis Abstract   PDF
Maryam Javadi, Atena Jamalzehi, Hadis Gerami, Seyed Kianoosh Hosseini, Mohammad Bagher Maljaei, Mina Eslami, Asma Bahreini
July Association between Expression of Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases‑1, Matrix Metalloproteinase‑2, and Matrix Metalloproteinase‑9 Genes and Axillary Lymph Nodes Metastasis in Patients with Breast Cancer Abstract   PDF
Alireza Abdollahi, Zohreh Nozarian, Elham Nazar
July Association between General Health and Mobile Phone Dependency among Medical University Students: A Cross‑sectional Study in Iran Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Ranjbaran, Bahareh Soleimani, Maryam Mohammadi, Nooshin Ghorbani, Mahmoud Khodadost, Kamyar Mansori, Reza Omani Samani
Vol 4, No 9, September 2013 Association between Physical Activity and Metabolic Risk Factors in Adolescents: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Bita Fam, Atieh Amouzegar, Soraya Arzhan, Arash Ghanbariyan, Maryam Delshad, Farhad Hossein panah, Fereidoun Azizi
August Association between Sun Exposure, Vitamin D Intake, Serum Vitamin D Level, and Immunoglobulin G Level in Patients with Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder Abstract   PDF
Vahid Shaygannejad, Mohammad Bagher Maljaei, Sahar Saraf Bank, Omid Mirmosayyeb, Mohammad Reza Maracy, Gholamreza Askari
September Association between White Blood Cells Count and Diabetes Mellitus in Tabari Cohort Study: A Case‑Control Study Abstract   PDF
Motahareh Kheradmand, Hossein Ranjbaran, Reza Alizadeh‑Navaei, Reza Yakhkeshi, Mahmood Moosazadeh
September Association of Adiponectin 45T/G (rs2241766) and Visfatin 4689G/T (rs2110385) Gene Polymorphisms with Susceptibility to Obesity Abstract   PDF
Foad Ghazizadeh, Sepideh Afshari ‑Moez, Nazila Alinaghian, Mansour Torab, Parvaneh Rahimi‑ Moghaddam
April Association of Adiponectin Gene Polymorphism with Adiponectin Levels And Risk for Insulin Resistance Syndrome Abstract   PDF
Jai Prakash, Balraj Mittal, Shally Awasthi, Neena Srivastava
Vol 5, No 7: July 2014 Association of Cigarette Smoking andMetabolic Syndrome in a Puerto Rican Adult Population Abstract   PDF
William A Calo, Ana P Ortiz, Erick Suárez, Manuel Guzmán, Cynthia M Pérez
January Association of Cord Blood Zinc Level and Birth Weight in a Sample of Iranian Neonates Abstract   Untitled   Untitled   PDF
Seyede Shahrbanoo Daniali, Sara Shayegh, Mohammad Hasan Tajaddin, Masoomeh Goodarzi-Khoigani, Roya Kelishadi
June Association of CYP1A1 M2 (A2455G) Polymorphism with Susceptibility to Breast Cancer in Mazandaran Province, Northern Iran: A Case–control Study Abstract   PDF
Ghazaleh Khalili Tanha, Ali Barzegar, Novin Nikbakhsh, Zarbakht Ansari-Pirsaraei
October Association of Diet Quality and Food Insecurity with Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Adults Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Abdurahman, Mohammed Bule, Masoume Fallahyekt, Maryem Abshirini, Leila Azadbakht, Mostafa Qorbani, A. R. Dorosty
September Association of Duration of Time Spent on Television, Computer and Video Games with Obesity amongst Children in National Capital Territory of Delhi Abstract   PDF
Ajeet Singh Bhadoria, Umesh Kapil, Supreet Kaur
February Association of Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin G20210A Polymorphisms in Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Isfahan Province, Iran Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Taghi Kardi, Elham Yousefan, Azra Allahveisi, Sanaz Alaee
April Association of Hematological Parameters with Obesity‑ Induced Inflammation Among Young Females in Ahvaz, South‑West of Iran Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Haidari, Behnaz Abiri, Mohammad‑Hossein Haghighizadeh, Gholam A. Kayedani, Negar K. Birgani
Vol 5, No 4: April 2014 Association of Human Papilloma Virus 16 Infection and P53 Polymorphism among Tobacco Using Oral Leukoplakia Patients: a Clinicopathologic and Genotypic Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Seema Kapoor, Jay Gopal Ray, Pranav Sikka, Niharika Swain
January Association of Lifestyle Risk Factors with Metabolic Syndrome Components: A Cross‑sectional Study in Eastern India Abstract   PDF
Pragya Verma, Ratan K Srivastava, Dharmendra Jain
April Association of Maternal Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus with Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Saudi Mothers in Jubail, Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Ohud Mohammed Al-Anazi, Mohammad Shafee Mohammad Haneef, Mubashir Zafar, Mohammad Ahsan
December Association of Maternal Serum Vitamin D Level with Risk of Pregnancy‑Related Complications and Neonatal Anthropometric Measures: A Prospective Observational Study Abstract   PDF
Hossein Hajianfar, Ahmad Esmailzadeh, Awat Feizi, Zahra Shahshahan, Leila Azadbakht
February Association of Mental Disorders and Consultation with Family Members and Friends in Children and Adolescents: The CASPIAN-IV Study Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Esmaeil Motlagh, Roya Kelishadi, Mostafa Qorbani, Mojtaba Keikha, Asal Ataie‑Jafari, Gelayol Ardalan, Ramin Heshmat, Mohsen Jari
Vol 4, No 8, August 2013 Association of Neutrophil Gelatinase Associated Lipocalin and Cystatin‑C with Kidney Function in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome Abstract   PDF   XML
Alaleh Gheissari, Zahra Rezaii, Alireza Merrikhi, Yahya Madihi, Roya Kelishadi
April Association of Omega-3 Fatty Acid and Epileptic Seizure in Epileptic Patients: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Makan Pourmasoumi, Nooshin Vosoughi, Seyedeh-Masoumeh DerakhshandehRishehri, Mostafa Assarroudi, Motahar Heidari-Beni
October Association of Osteoporosis with Anthropometric Measures in a Representative Sample of Iranian Adults: The Iranian Multicenter Osteoporosis Study Abstract   PDF
Shirin Hasani‑Ranjbar, Shahrzad Jafari‑Adli, Moloud Payab, Mostafa Qorbani, Farzaneh Ahanjideh, Abbasali Keshtkar, Bagher Larijani
November Association of Overweight and Obesity with Breast Cancer During Premenopausal Period in Asia: A Meta‑Analysis Abstract   PDF
Ricvan Dana Nindrea, Teguh Aryandono, Lutfan Lazuardi, Iwan Dwiprahasto
Vol 5, No 3: March 2014 Association of Overweight and Obesity with Mental Distress in Iranian Adolescents: The CASPIAN-III Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohsen Jari, Mostafa Qorbani, Mohammad Esmaeil Motlagh, Ramin Heshmat, Gelayol Ardalan, Roya Kelishadi
July Association of Personality Traits with Dietary Habits and Food/Taste Preferences Abstract   PDF
Najmeh Golestanbagh, M. Miraghajani, Reza Amani, Michael E. Symonds, Sorour Neamatpour, Mohammad Hosein Haghighizadeh
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Association of Polymorphism of Ser311cys Paraoxonase‑2 Gene with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Sasan Andalib, Golnaz Vaseghi, Azadeh Motavallian, Hamid Mirmohammad Sadeghi, Azadeh Eshraghi, Masoud Amini, Amir Reza Majlesi
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Association of Proteinuria with Various Clinical Findings and Morphologic Variables of Oxford Classification in Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy Patients Abstract   PDF   XML
Hamid Nasri, Yahya Madihi, Alireza Merrikhi, Alaleh Gheissari, Azar Baradaran, Soleiman Kheiri, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei
February Association of Serum 25‑hydroxyvitamin D Levels and Liver Enzymes in a Nationally Representative Sample of Iranian Adolescents: The Childhood and Adolescence Surveillance and Prevention of Adult Noncommunicable Disease Study Abstract   PDF
Maryam Bahreynian, Mostafa Qorbani, Mohammad Esmaeil Motlagh, Ramin Heshmat, Majid Khademian, Roya Kelishadi
October Association of Socioeconomic Status and Food Security with Anthropometric Indices Among 2–5‑year‑old Urban Children in Eight Different cities in Iran Abstract   PDF
Mina Minaie, Ariyo Movahedi, Ahmadreza Dorosty Motlagh, Zahra Abdollahi, Abolghasem Djazayery
Vol 1, No 1: Winter 2010 Association of the Waist-to-Height Ratio with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents: The Three Cities Heart Study Abstract   XML   PDF
Robespierre C. Ribeiro, Mário Coutinho, Marco A Bramorski, Isabela C. Giuliano, Júlia Pavan
December Association of Vitamin D Deficiency with Cardiovascular Disease Among Saudi Patients in Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Salem Jabbar, Hamdan Alghamdi, Eltigani O. M. Omer, Mubashir Zafar, Hatem Khader, Ibrahim Herzallah
May Association of Vitamin D Status and Metabolic Syndrome Components in Iranian Children Abstract   PDF
Saeed Ghobadi, Zahra Hassanzadeh Rostami, Mohammad Salehi Marzijarani, Shiva Faghih
February Association Study Between Metabolic Syndrome and rs8066560 Polymorphism in the Promoter Region of Sterol Regulatory Element‑binding Transcription Factor 1 Gene in Iranian Children and Adolescents Abstract   PDF
Hajar Miranzadeh‑Mahabadi, Modjtaba Emadi‑Baygi, Parvaneh Nikpour, Roya Kelishadi
JULY Associations between Self-medication, Health Literacy, and Self-perceived Health Status: A Community-Based Study Abstract   PDF
Aziz Kamran, Gholamreza Sharifirad, Yousef Shafaeei, Siamak Mohebi
Vol 5, No 8: August 2014 Atherosclerosis: Process, Indicators, Risk Factors and New Hopes Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud Rafieian-kopaei, Mahbubeh Setorki, Monir Doudi, Azar Baradaran, Hamid Nasri
Vol 3, No 2: February 2012 Attenuation of Brain White Matter Lesions After Lacunar Stroke Abstract   PDF   XML
Julia Durand-Birchenall, Claire Leclercq, Joël Daouk, Pauline Monet, Olivier Godefroy, Jean-Marc Bugnicourt
Vol 4, No 4, April 2013 Audit on Early Detection and Primary Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease in Patients Admitted to Health Care of the Elderly Wards in a District General Hospital in UK Abstract   PDF   XML
Philip Goodall, Anoja Rajapakse
March Availability and Continuity of Care for Maternal Health Services in the Primary Health Centres in Nnewi, Nigeria (January - March 2010) Abstract   PDF
Chinomnso C. Nnebue, Uzo E. Ebenebe, Chukwuma B. Duru, Nonye B. Egenti, Obiageli F. Emelumadu, Christian C. Ibeh
Vol 3, No 8: August 2012 Avicenna as the Forerunner of Preventive Medicine: On the Occasion of 1032nd Birth Anniversary of Avicenna (22 August 980) Abstract   PDF   XML
Roya Kelishadi, Hossein Hatami
May Awareness about “Ten Steps for Successful Breastfeeding” among Medical and Nursing Students Abstract   PDF
Vandana A. Kakrani, Hetal K. Rathod (Waghela), Megha S. Mammulwar, Jitendra S. Bhawalkar
July Awareness of the Necessity of Regular Eye Examinations among Diabetics: The Yazd Eye Study Abstract   PDF
Marzieh Katibeh, Hamid Ahmadieh, Ramin Beiranvand, Reza Soleimanizad, Mohammad Ali Javadi
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress B Vitamins and Antioxidants Intake is Negatively Correlated with Risk of Stroke in Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Mitra Hariri, Zahra Maghsoudi, Leila Darvishi, Gholamreza Askari, Maryam Hajishafiee, Shekoofe Ghasemi, Fariborz Khorvash, Bijan Iraj, Reza Ghiasvand
Vol 5, No 8: August 2014 Bacterial Meningitis after Cochlear Implantation among Children without polyvalent conjugate vaccine; a brief report of an Iranian Cohort Study on 371 Cases Abstract   PDF
Shahla Afsharpaiman, Susan Amirsalari, Mohammad Ajalouian, Amin Saburi
Vol 5, No 5: May 2014 Bacterial Safety of Commercial and Handmade Enteral Feeds in an Iranian Teaching Hospital Abstract   PDF
Mahtash Baniardalan, Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaee, Mohammad Jalali, Shirinsadat Badri
March Bacteriological Aspects of Hand Washing: A Key for Health Promotion and Infections Control Abstract   PDF
Ramezan Ali Ataee, Mohammad Hosein Ataee, Ali Mehrabi Tavana, Mahmud Salesi
April Bacteriological Quality of Drinking Water and Hygienic Assessment of Water Cooler Dispensers in Higher Education Institution Abstract   PDF
Nopadol Precha, Chayada Rattanaphan, Tanyaporn Galiga, Presert Makkaew, Nutcha Narom, Siriuma Jawjit
Vol 4, No 3, March 2013 Barriers of Clinical Practice Guidelines Development and Implementation in Developing Countries: A Case Study in Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Zahra Baradaran-Seyed, Sima Nedjat, Bahareh Yazdizadeh, Saharnaz Nedjat, Reza Majdzadeh
Vol 5, No 12: December 2014 Barriers to and facilitators of long term weight loss maintenance in adult UK people: a thematic analysis Abstract   PDF
Gupta Himanshu
October Barriers to Medical Error Reporting Abstract   PDF
Jalal Poorolajal, Shirin Rezaie, Negar Aghighi
Vol 1, No 2: Spring 2010 Barriers to Physical Activity in a Population-based Sample of Children and Adolescents in Isfahan, Iran Abstract   XML   PDF
Roya Kelishadi, Shohreh Ghatrehsamani, Mohsen Hosseini, Parisa Mirmoghtadaee, Samaneh Mansouri, Parinaz Poursafa
Vol 5, No 7: July 2014 Barriers to Utilization of Health Services: Perception of Post-Secondary School Malaysian Urban Youth Abstract   PDF
Mahin Ghafari, Khadijah Shamsuddin, Masoud Amiri
October Base Transceiver Station Antennae Exposure and Human Health Abstract   PDF
Daryoush Shahbazi‑Gahrouei
Vol 3, No 4: April 2012 Behavioral Addiction Versus Substance Addiction: Correspondence of Psychiatric and Psychological Views Abstract   PDF   XML
Seyyed Salman Alavi, Masoud Ferdosi, Fereshte Jannatifard, Mehdi Eslami, Hamed Alaghemandan, Mehrdad Setare
Vol 5, No 8: August 2014 Behaviors Influencing HIV Transmission in the Context of Positive Prevention among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Iran; a Qualitative Study Abstract   PDF
Seyed Ramin Radfar, Abbas Sedaghat, Arash Tehrani Banihashemi, Mohammadmehdi Gouya, Richard A Rawson
August Beneficial Effects of Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation on Lipid Profile and Intereukin‑6 and Intercellular Adhesion Molecule‑1 Reduction, Preliminary Results of a Double‑blind Trial in Acute Myocardial Infarction Abstract   PDF
Mona Mohseni, Mohammadreza Vafa, Mitra Zarrati, Farzad Shidfar, Seyed Javad Hajimiresmail, Abbas Rahimi Forushani
Vol 5, No 7: July 2014 Beneficial Role of Antioxidants on Clinical Outcomes and Erythrocyte Antioxidant Parameters in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Abstract   PDF
Mahsa Jalili, Seyed Rafi Aref Hosseini, Sousan Kolahi, Mehrangiz Ebrahimi Mamegani, Azita Hekmatdoost
September Beneficial Role of Calcium in Premenstrual Syndrome: A Systematic Review of Current Literature Abstract   PDF
Arman Arab, Nahid Rafie, Gholamreza Askari, Mina Taghiabadi
December Supplement Issue (3) [Hepatitis] Benign and Malignant Hematological Manifestations of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection Abstract   PDF
Shiksha Kedia, Vijaya Raj Bhatt, Sandeep Kumar Rajan, Pavan Kumar Tandra, Radwa A El Behery, Mojtaba Akhtari
October Best Strategies to Improve School‑leavers’ Knowledge of Nutrition and Food Systems: Views from Experts in Iran Abstract   PDF
Sanaz Sadegholvad, Heather Yeatman, Nasrin Omidvar, Anne‑Maree Parrish, Anthony Worsley
November Bhutan and Maldives Eliminate Measles: World Health Organization Abstract   PDF
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Bird Fancier’s Disease Due to Exposure to Birds Via a Desert Cooler Abstract   PDF   XML
Amir Houshang Mehrparvar, Seyed Hesam Hashemi, Amir Hossein Naseri Esfahani
September Birth Weight as a Cardio Metabolic Risk Factor in Iranian Adolescents Abstract   PDF
Hamidreza Badeli, Hossein Dalili, Afagh Hassanzadeh Rad, Abdolreza Medghalchi, Setila Dalili, Shahin Koohmanaee
Vol 1, No 1: Winter 2010 Birth Weight, Cord Blood Lipoprotein and Apolipoprotein Levels in Indian Newborns Abstract   XML   PDF
Simmi Kharb, Ramanjit Kaur, Veena Singh, Krishna Sangwan
March Bisphenol‑S Influence on Oxidative Stress and Endocrine Biomarkers of Reproductive System: A Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis Abstract   PDF
Beheshteh Abouhamzeh, Zohreh Zare, Moslem Mohammadi, Mahmood Moosazadeh, Alireza Nourian
Vol 5, No 8: August 2014 Bitot's Spots: Look at the gut Abstract   PDF
Alka Sharma, Sourabh Aggarwal, Vishal Sharma
March Bivariate Spatio-Temporal Shared Component Modeling: Mapping of Relative Death Risk due to Colorectal and Stomach Cancers in Iran Provinces Abstract   PDF
Vahid Ahmadipanah mehrabadi, Akbar Hassanzadeh, Behzad Mahaki
February Blended Training for Frontline Health Functionaries: Is this the Way Ahead? Abstract   PDF
Nayan Chakravarty, Srinivas Nallala, Sandeep Mahapatra, Prajna Chaudhury, Farida Sultana, Sourav Bhattacharjee
Vol 4, No 2, February 2013 Blister Beetle Dermatitis: Few Observations Helping in Diagnosis Abstract   PDF   XML
Ashish Singh, Ajai Kumar Singh, Deepti Singh, Asha Varghese
Vol 3, No 3(S): 2012; Special Issue on "Updates in Preventive Medicine" Bloating in Iran: SEPAHAN systematic review No. 4 Abstract   PDF   XML
Parnaz Daneshpajouhnejad, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Shirin Sadeghpour, Samaneh Khanpour Ardestani, Peyman Adibi
Vol 3, No 2: February 2012 Blood Culture in Neutropenic Patients with Fever Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohsen Meidani, Mojtaba Rostami, Sareh Moulaee
Vol 5, No 11: November 2014 Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Concentrations in a Mediterranean Rural Population of Andros Island, Greece Abstract   PDF
Konstantinos T. Tsaousis
January Blood Lead Levels, Hemoglobin, and Liver Enzymes in Opium‑Dependent Addicts Abstract   PDF
Farzaneh Montazerifar, Mansour Karajibani, Maryam Lashkaripour, Manijeh Sayyad Mollashahi, Abbas Ali Niaz, Moghgan Soltan Mohammadi, Samaneh Rahimi Helari
December Body Composition in Type 2 Diabetes: Change in Quality and not Just Quantity that Matters Abstract   PDF
Jayesh D. Solanki, Amit H. Makwana, Hemant B. Mehta, Pradnya A. Gokhale, Chinmay J. Shah
Vol 4, No 6, June 2013 Body Esteem and Self-examination in British Men and Women Abstract   PDF   XML
Gayle Brewer, Anne M. Dewhurst
Vol 4, No 8, August 2013 Body Image and Body Change: Predictive Factors in an Iranian Population Abstract   PDF   XML
Behshid Garrusi, Saeideh Garousi, Mohammad Reza Baneshi
Vol 3, No 3: March 2012 Body Mass Index or Microalbuminuria, Which One is More Important for the Prediction and Prevention of Diastolic Dysfunction in Non diabetic Hypertensive Patients? Abstract   PDF   XML
Hasan Shemirani, Alireza Khosravi, Rohola Hemmati, Mojgan Gharipour
December Supplement Issue (2) [School health] Body Mass Index, Weight‑for‑age, and Stature‑for‑age Indices in Iranian School Children in Relation to Weight and Growth Disorders: A  Population‑based Survey Abstract   PDF
Sakineh Jafari, Maryam Fouladgar, Marjan Manouchehri Naeeni, Maryam Fakhri, Sayed Azim Fatemi, Kamal Heidari, Saeed Bagheri
Vol 5, No 12: December 2014 Body Weight Concerns and Antifat Attitude in Iranian Children Abstract   PDF
Saideh Garousi
April Bone Repair with Differentiated Osteoblasts from Adipose‑derived Stem Cells in Hydroxyapatite/Tricalcium Phosphate In vivo Abstract   PDF
Batool Hashemibeni, Leila Dehghani, Farzaneh Sadeghi, Ebrahim Esfandiari, Masood Gorbani, Ali Akhavan, Soheil T. Tahani, Hamid Bahramian, Vahid Goharian
August Brain‑Derived Neurotrophic Factor: A Promising Biomarker for Predicting Prematurity‑Related Complications Abstract   PDF
Monir Ramezani, Amir Emami Zeydi
May Breakeven Point Analysis on Rotavirus Vaccination in the National Immunization Program: A Summary from an Indochina Country Abstract   PDF
Rujittika Mungmunpuntipantip, Viroj Wiwanitkit
May Breast Cancer Incidence Trends in Isfahan Province Compared with those in England over the Period 2001–2013 Abstract   PDF
Marziyeh H. Ainvand, Najmeh Shakibaei, Zahra Ravankhah, Ghasem Yadegarfar
October Breast Cancer on Instagram: A Descriptive Study Abstract   PDF
Corey H. Basch, Sarah A. MacLean
Vol 3, No 9: September 2012 Breast Cancer Survival Analysis: Applying the Generalized Gamma Distribution under Different Conditions of the Proportional Hazards and Accelerated Failure Time Assumptions Abstract   PDF   XML
Alireza Abadi, Farzaneh Amanpour, Chris Bajdik, Parvin Yavari
December Breast Cancer: The Perspective of Northern Nigerian Women Abstract   PDF
Samuel O. Azubuike, Onuoha Celestina U
Vol 5, No 6: June 2014 Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk: A Case-Control Study in India Abstract   PDF
Babita -, Neelam Kumar, Mahavir Singh, Jagbir S Malik, Meenakshi Kalhan
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Brewer’s Yeast Improves Glycemic Indices in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Abstract   PDF   XML
Payam Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Hassan Javanbakht, Seyed-Ali Mostafavi, Mahmoud Djalali, Hoda Derakhshanian, Hossein Hajianfar, Ahmad Bahonar, Abolghasem Djazayery
July Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease in Iran: Prevalence and Risk Factors for COPD in North of Iran Abstract   PDF
Hooman Sharif, Mostafa Ghanei, Hamidreza Jamaati, Mohammad Reza Masjedi, Mohsen Aarabi, Ali Sharifpour, Golnar Radmand, Hadis Najafimehr, A. Sonia Buist
Vol 5, No 11: November 2014 Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease Study in Tehran: Research Design and Lung Spirometry Protocol Abstract   PDF
Hooman Sharifi, Mohammad Reza Masjedi, Habib Emami, Mostafa Ghanei, Sonia Buist
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 Burning Mouth Syndrome and Menopause Abstract   PDF   XML
Parveen Dahiya, Reet Kamal, Mukesh Kumar, - Niti, Rajan Gupta, Karun Chaudhary
Vol 3, No 3(S): 2012; Special Issue on "Updates in Preventive Medicine" Burnout: Interpreting the Perception of Iranian Primary Rural Health Care Providers from Working and Organizational Conditions Abstract   PDF   XML
Mahrokh Keshvari, Eesa Mohammadi, Ali Zargham, Ziba Farajzadegan
September Calcium/Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase II is a Ubiquitous Molecule in Human Long-term Memory Synaptic Plasticity: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Negar Ataei, Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaee, Ahmad Movahedian
March Calcium‑Vitamin D Co‑supplementation Affects Metabolic Profiles, but not Pregnancy Outcomes, in Healthy Pregnant Women Abstract   PDF
Zatollah Asemi, Mansooreh Samimi, Mehrnush Amiri Siavashani, Maryam Mazloomi, Zohreh Tabassi, Maryam Karamali, Mehri Jamilian, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh
Vol 5, No 4: April 2014 Calorie Shifting Diet Vs. Calorie erRstriction Diet: A Comparative Clinical Trial Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Sayed Hossein Davoodi, Marjan Ajami, Seyyed Abdulmajid Ayatollahi, Kamran Dowlatshahi, Gholamali Javedan, Hamidreza Pazoki-Toroudi
January Can Antidepressant Drug Impact on Blood Pressure Level in Patients with Psychiatric Disorder and Hypertension? A Randomized Trial Abstract   PDF
Seyed Kazem Razavi Ratki, Seyedmostafa Seyedhosseini, Alieh Valizadeh, Tahere Rastgoo, Rozita Tavakkoli, Allahyar Golabchi, Fatemeh Esteki Ghashghaei, Seyede Mahdieh Nemayandeh, Amirreza Boroomand, Atefeh Shirinzade
July Can Behavioral Science Help Us Fight COVID‑19 Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Iglesias‑Osores, Johnny Leandro Saavedra‑Camacho
January Can CBC Profile and Liver Function Test Predict Chronic Kidney Disease among a Normal Population? Abstract   PDF
Mahmood Moosazadeh, Fatemeh Espahbodi, Mahdi Afshari, Arman Eslami
Vol 5, No 4: April 2014 Can Hepatitis E Virus Be Considered as an Etiology of Cryptogenic Cirrhosis? Abstract   PDF   XML
Masoudreza Sohrabi, Farhad zamani, Alireza Shirangi, Hossein Ajdarkosh, Hossein Kivani, Mehdi Mohamadnejad
November Can High Average Oxygen Saturation be a Risk Factor for Necrotizing Enterocolitis in VLBW Infants? Abstract   PDF
Ismail Kursad Gokce, Serife Suna Oguz
Vol 3, No 6: June 2012 Can Salt Hypothesis Explain the Trends of Mortality from Stroke and Stomach Cancer in Western Europe? Abstract   PDF   XML
Masoud Amiri, Roya Kelishadi
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Can Selection of Mechanical Ventilation Mode Prevent Increased Intra‑Abdominal Pressure in Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit? Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohammad Reza Rafiei, Omid Aghadavoudi, Babak Shekarchi, Seyed Sajed Sajjadi, Mehrdad Masudifar
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Can Sex‑hormone Binding Globulin Considered as a Predictor of Response to Pharmacological Treatment in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Abstract   PDF   XML
Ferdous Mehrabian, Maryam Afghahi
October Can Vitamin B6 Help to Prevent Postpartum Depression? A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract   PDF
Maryam Khodadad, Parvin Bahadoran, Gholam Reza Kheirabadi, Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaee
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress Can Vitamin D Suppress Endothelial Cells Apoptosis in Multiple Sclerosis Patients? Abstract   PDF   XML
Leila Dehghani, Rokhsareh Meamar, Masoud Etemadifar, Zahra Dehghani Sheshde, Vahid Shaygannejad, Mostafa Sharifkhah, Soheil Tahani
Vol 2, No 3: July 2011 Can We Slow Down the Global Increase of Adiposity? Details   XML   PDF
Peter Schwandt
July Can Zinc Be an Option for Prevention of Corona Virus Disease 2019? Abstract   PDF
Jamshid Roozbeh, Mohammad Hossein Imanieh, Soheil Ashkani Esfahani
May Cancer Events After Acute or Chronic Exposure to Sulfur Mustard: A Review of the Literature Abstract   PDF
Seyed Mansour Razavi, Mohammad Abdollahi, Payman Salamati
VOL 3, NO 12: December 2012 Cancer Incidence and Prevalence in Isfahan: Application of Mortality Data to Estimates and Projects for the Period 2001‑2015 Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohammad Reza Maracy, Farhad Moradpour, Sayed Mohsen Hosseini, Maryam Tirani
JULY Cancer Screening: Should Cancer Screening be Essential Component of Primary Health Care in Developing Countries? Abstract   PDF
Saurabh Bobdey, Ganesh Balasubramanium, Abhinendra Kumar, Aanchal Jain
June Cancerous Patient, COVID‑19 Vaccination, Blood Viscosity and Stroke‑Like Complication Abstract
Beuy Joob Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkti
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 Carcinoma en Cuirasse: A Cutaneous Clue for Systemic Malignancy Abstract   PDF   XML
Asha Varghese, Ashish Singh, Sreedevi Ambujam
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Cardiac Strain between Normal Weight and Overweight Workers in Hot/Humid Weather in the Persian Gulf Abstract   PDF   XML
Habibolah Dehghan, Seyed Bagher Mortazavi, Mohammad Javad Jafari, Mohammad Reza Maracy
Vol 4, No 6, June 2013 Cardiovascular Disorders Risk Factors in Different Industries of Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Seyedeh Negar Assadi
Vol 5, No 11: November 2014 Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Nutritional Intake are not Associated with Ultrasound-defi ned Increased Carotid Intima Media Thickness in Individuals Without a History of Cardiovascular Events Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud Reza Azarpazhooh, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Kazemi‑Bajestani, Habib Esmaeili, Payam Vedadian, Mahmoud Ebrahimi, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Parizadeh, Ali Reza Heidari‑Bakavoli, Mohsen Moohebati, Mohammad Safarian, Naghmeh Mokhber, Mohsen Nematy, Mohsen Mazidi, Gorden A Ferns, Majid Ghayour‑Mobarhan
March Cardiovascular Risk in Men Aged Over 40 in Boa Vista, Brazil Abstract   PDF
Mário Maciel de Lima Junior, Emanuel Araújo Bezerra, José Geraldo Ticianeli
Vol 3, No 8: August 2012 Caregiver Burden and its Determinants among the Family Members of Patients with Dementia in Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Ibrahim Abdollahpour, Maryam Noroozian, Saharnaz Nedjat, Reza Majdzadeh
Vol 5, No 5: May 2014 Caries Risk Assessment among School Children in Davangere City Using Carigram Abstract   PDF
K Umesh, L Nagesh, Chavan Sangeeta
September Carotenoids as Potential Antioxidant Agents in Stroke Prevention: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Ahmad Bahonar, Mohammad Saadatnia, Fariborz Khorvash, Mohammadreza Maracy, Alireza Khosravi
May Carvacrol Exerts Anti‑Inflammatory, Anti‑Oxidative Stress and Hepatoprotective Effects Against Diclofenac‑Induced Liver Injury in Male Rats Abstract   PDF
Molood Barzan, Mahdi Heydari, Hamzeh Mirshekari‑ Jahangiri, Hassan Firouzi, Maryam Dastan, Mohammad Najaf, Mansoor Khaledi, Ali Nouri, Mehran Ebrahimi Shah-Abadi
December Catastrophic Health Expenditure of Chronic Diseases: Evidence from Hamadan, Iran Abstract   PDF
Aziz Rezapour, Sajad Vahedi, Farzad Faraji Khiavi, Firooz Esmaeilzadeh, Javad Javan-Noughabi, Abdolhalim Rajabi
Vol 3, No 10: October 2012 Celiac Disease and Abnormal Liver Function Test Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohammad Rostami Nejad, Seyyed Moayed Alavian
November Cell- and Gene- Based Therapeutics for Periodontal Regeneration Abstract   PDF
Keshava Abbayya, Sameer Anil Zope, Sanjay Naduwinmani, Apurva Pisal, Nagraj Puthanakar
January Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Protect Cyclophosphamide‑induced Testicular Toxicity in Mice Abstract   PDF
Maedeh Hamzeh, Seyed Jalal Hosseinimehr, Abbasali Karimpour, Hamid Reza Mohammadi, Ali Reza Khalatbary, Fereshteh Talebpour Amiri
Vol 3, No 3(S): 2012; Special Issue on "Updates in Preventive Medicine" Certain Hospital Waste Management Practices in Isfahan, Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Ali Ferdowsi, Masoud Ferdosi, Zeinab Mehrani, Khadijeh Narenjkar
August Cervical Cancer Screening in Low Resource Settings: Cytology versus HPV Triage for VIA Positive Women Abstract   PDF
Gauravi A. Mishra, Sharmila A. Pimple, Subhadra D. Gupta
February Cervical Cancer Screening in Patients with Total Hysterectomy in a Diagnostic Center at Mexico City Abstract   PDF
Carlos Manuel Ortiz‑Mendoza
April Challenges of Rural Family Physician Policy in Iran Abstract   PDF
Lida Shams, Taha Nasiri, Mohamad M. Amiri, Zohreh Abdolahi
June Challenges of the Health System in Preventing Non‑Communicable Diseases; Systematized Review Abstract   PDF
Marziye Hadian, M.R. Mozafari, Elaheh Mazaheri, Alireza Jabbari
Vol 1, No 3: Summer 2010 Challenges of Tracheostomy in Patients Managed for Severe Tetanus in a Developing Country Abstract   XML   PDF
Ayotunde James Fasunla
December Change Paradigm in the Face of COVID‑19; From Bans to Incentives Abstract   PDF
Alireza Jabbari, Elaheh Mazaheri, Marziye Hadian
March Changes in the Level of Antiphospholipid Antibodies (Anticardiolipin and Anti‑β2‑Glycoprotein‑I) and Thromboembolic Indices in COVID‑19 Patients during 3 Weeks Abstract   PDF
Somayeh Haghighipour, Mansour Salesi, Fereshteh Keikhaei, Mohammad J. Tarrahi, Zahra Khani, Hassan Salehi
June Changes of Overweight and Obesity Prevalence Among School Children in North West of Iran After 3 Years Follow-up (2009–2011): A Longitudinal Study Abstract   PDF
Sakineh Nouri Saeidlou, Fatemeh Rezaiegoyjeloo, Parvin Ayremlou, Fariba Babaie
Vol 4, No 9, September 2013 Changing the Treatment of Permanent Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus from Insulin to Glibenclamide in a 4-Month-Old Infant with KCNJ11 Activating Mutation Abstract   PDF   XML
Homa Ilkhanipoor, Zohreh Karamizadeh
Vol 5, No2: February 2014 Characteristics Associated with Suboptimal Bowel Preparation Prior to Colonoscopy: Results of a National Survey Abstract   PDF   XML
Corey H. Basch, Grace Clarke Hillyer, Charles E. Basch, Benjamin Lebwohl, Alfred I. Neugut
Vol 3, No 7: July 2012 Characteristics of Smoking Cessation in Former Smokers in a Rural Area of Japan Abstract   PDF   XML
Koshi Nakamura, Masaru Sakurai, Muneko Nishijo, Yuko Morikawa, Hideaki Nakagawa
November Characterization of Microcapsule Containing Walnut (Juglans regia L.) Green Husk Extract as Preventive Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Agent Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Cheraghali, Saeedeh Shojaee-aliabadi, Seyede Marzieh Hosseini, Leila Mirmoghtadaie, Amir Mohammad Mortazavian, Kiandokht Ghanati, Abdol-Samad Abedi, Masumeh Moslemi
Vol 5, No 3: March 2014 Child Weight Growth Trajectory and its Determinants in a Sample of Iranian Children from Birth until 2 Years of Age Abstract   PDF   XML
Sayed-Mohsen Hosseini, Mohamad-Reza Maracy, Sheida Sarrafzade, Roya Kelishadi
June Childbirth Rights for Pregnant Women: Success for Poland and Inspiration for Other Nations Abstract   PDF
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
March Supplement Issue (1) [Pediatric Hypertension] Childhood Hypertension: A Problem of Epidemic Proportion Abstract   PDF   XML
Farahnak Assadi
February Childhood Malnutrition: Where Does the World Stand? What Else is Needed? Abstract   PDF
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
March Supplement Issue (1) [Pediatric Hypertension] Childhood Obesity: A Determinant of Adolescent and Adult Hypertension Abstract   PDF   XML
Saurabh Ram Bihari Lal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
Vol 3, No 1: January 2012 Childhood Obesity: A Global Public Health Crisis Abstract   PDF   XML
Sameera Karnik, Amar Shireesh Kanekar
Vol 3, No 4: April 2012 Children Contacting with Smear Positive Tuberculosis Patients Abstract   PDF   XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit
Vol 1, No 4: Fall 2010 Children, CT Scan and Radiation Abstract   XML   PDF
Morteza Bajoghli, Farshad Bajoghli, Nazila Tayari, Reza Rouzbahani
Vol 5, No 8: August 2014 Children with obesity prioritize social support against stigma: a qualitative study for development of an obesity prevention intervention Abstract   PDF
Maryam Amini, Abolghassem Djazayery, Reza Majdzadeh, Mohammad-Hossein Taghdisi, Haleh Sadrzadeh-Yeganeh, Maryam Eslami-Amirabadi
July Chlorella sp. Protective Effect on Acetaminophen‑Induced Liver Toxicity in ICR Mice Abstract   PDF
Jia‑Ping Wu
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 3-5 in Iranian Children: Need for a School-based Screening Strategy: The CASPIAN-III Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Alaleh Gheissari, Roya Kelishadi, Peyman Roomizadeh, Amin Abedini, Shaghayegh Haghjooy- Javanmard, Seyed-Hossein Abtahi, Bahareh Mehdikhani, Mohammad Shafiei
Vol 5, No 4: April 2014 Chronic Medical Conditions and Major Depressive Disorder: Differential Role of Positive Religious Coping among African Americans, Caribbean Blacks and Non‑Hispanic Whites Abstract   PDF   XML
Shervin Assari
October Cigarette Smoking and Health‑related Quality of Life in the General Population of Iran: Independent Associations According to Gender Abstract   PDF
Abdolhalim Rajabi, Masoud Arefnezhad, Saeed Erfanpoor, Firooz Esmaeilzadeh, Masoumeh Arefnezhad, Jalil Hasani
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Cigarette Smoking, Knowledge, Attitude and Prediction of Smoking Between Male Students, Teachers and Clergymen in Tehran, Iran, 2009 Abstract   PDF   XML
Gholamreza Heydari, Mahmoud Yousefifard, Mostafa Hosseini, Ali Ramezankhani, Mohammad Reza Masjedi
Vol 4, No 11, November 2013 Cigarette, Water-pipe, and Medwakh Smoking Prevalence Among Applicants to Abu Dhabi’s Pre-marital Screening Program, 2011 Abstract   PDF   XML
Bashir Aden, Sara Karrar, Omar Shafey, Farida Al Hosni
Vol 3, No 10: October 2012 Clients’ Satisfaction with Primary Health Care in Muscat Abstract   PDF   XML
Rima Mohammed Albalushi, Mohammad-Reza Sohrabi, Ali-Asghar Kolahi
Vol 5, No 3: March 2014 Clients’ viewpoints about the quality of services in the premarital counseling classes in Tabriz health centers Abstract   PDF   XML
Parvin Mohebbi, Padide Malekpour, Mahin Kamalifard, Shirin Barzanje atri, Abdolrasoul Safaeiyan, Kamyab Alizadeh
Vol 4, No 12: December 2013 Clinical and Para Clinical Findings in the Children with Tyrosinemia Referring for Liver Transplantation Abstract   PDF   XML
Seyed Mohsen Dehghani, Mahmood Haghighat, Mohammad Hadi Imanieh, Hossein Karamnejad, Abdorrasoul Malekpour
May Clinical Effcacy and Safety of Methotrexate versus Hydroxychloroquine in Preventing Lichen Planopilaris Progress: A Randomized Clinical Trial Abstract   PDF
Farahnaz Fatemi Naeini, Mina Saber, Ali Asilian, Sayed Mohsen Hosseini
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Clinical Effectiveness of Co‑trimoxazole vs. Amoxicillin in the Treatment of Non‑Severe Pneumonia in Children in India: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract   PDF   XML
Shimoga Mahabala Rajesh, Vikram Singhal
July Clinical Manifestation and the Risk of Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID‑19) Abstract   PDF
Elahe Aleebrahim-Dehkordi, Ali Reyhanian, Ali Hasanpour-Dehkordi
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Clinical Risk Assessment in Intensive Care Unit Abstract   PDF   XML
Saeed Asefzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Yarmohammadian, Ahmad Nikpey, Golrokh Atighechian
January Clinical Trial of the Effects of Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation on Biomarkers of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Hemodialysis Patients Abstract   PDF
Melika Fallah, Gholamreza Askari, Alireza Soleimani, Awat Feizi, Zatollah Asemi
Vol 4, No 6, June 2013 Close Contact Precautions could Prevent an Outbreak of CCHF: A Case Series Report from Southern Part of Tehran Abstract   PDF   XML
Masoud Mardani, Najmeh Namazee
Vol 5, No 1: January 2014 Co-administration of Silymarin and Deferoxamine Against Kidney, Liver and Heart Iron Deposition in Male Iron Overload Rat Model Abstract   PDF   XML
Mitra Navidi-Shishaone, Soheila Mohhebi, Mehdi Nematbakhsh, Shahla roozbehani, Ardeshir Talebi, Zahra Pezeshki, Fatemeh Eshraghi-Jazi, Safoora Mazaheri, Sohiela Shirdavani, Marjan Gharagozloo Gharagozloo, Behjat Alsaadat Moaeidi
Vol 1, No 2: Spring 2010 Colon Delivery of Budesonide Using Solid Dispersion in Dextran for the Treatment and Secondary Prevention of Ulcerative Colitis in Rat Abstract   XML   PDF
Jaleh Varshosaz, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Jaber Emami, Naser Tavakoli, Mohsen Minaiyan, Parvin Mahzouni, Farid Dorkoosh
Vol 5, No 11: November 2014 Combating Iron Defi ciency Anemia among School Going Adolescent Girls in a Hilly State of North India: Effectiveness of Intermittent Versus Daily Administration of Iron Folic Acid Tablets Abstract   PDF
Anmol Gupta, Anupam Parashar, Anita Thakur, Deepak Sharma, Parveen Bhardwaj, Saroj Jaswal
Vol 5, No 10: October 2014 Combination of citicoline and physiotherapy in children with cerebral palsy Abstract   PDF
Jafar Nasiri, Mehran Kargar
Vol 4, No 12: December 2013 Combination of Salermide and CTB Induce Apoptosis in MCF-7 but not in MRC-5 Cell Lines Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohammad Reza Salahshoor, Mehdi Nikbakht Dastjerdi, Cyrus Jalili, Mohammad Mardani, Mozafar Khazaei, Ahmad Shabanizadeh Darehdor, Zahra Babazadeh, Shiva Roshankhah
September Combined Effects of Lignosus rhinocerotis Supplementation and Resistance Training on Isokinetic Muscular Strength and Power, Anaerobic and Aerobic Fitness Level, and Immune Parameters in Young Males Abstract   PDF
Chee Keong Chen, Nor Faeiza Hamdan, Foong Kiew Ooi, Wan Zuraida Wan Abd Hamid
May Combined Ursolic Acid and Resistance/Endurance Training Improve Type 3 Diabetes Biomarkers‑Related Memory Deficits in Hippocampus of Aged Male Wistar Rats Abstract   PDF
Neda Ghadiri, Fahimeh Esfarjani, Sayed Mohammad Marandi, Ebrahim Banitalebi, Elham Saghaee
January Comment on: Effect of Pomegranate Flower Extract on Cisplatin‑induced Nephrotoxicity in Male Rats Abstract   PDF
Amr Ahmed El‑Arabey
June Comment on: Pomegranate Flower Extract Does Not Prevent Cisplatin‑induced Nephrotoxicity in Female Rats Abstract   PDF
Amr Ahmed EL‑Arabey
October Comment on: Pomegranate Flower Extract Does Not Prevent Cisplatin‑induced Nephrotoxicity in Female Rats Abstract   PDF
Hamid Nasri, Mahmoud Rafieian‑Kopaei
February Comment on: Prevention of Renal Damage by Treating Hyperuricemia Abstract   PDF
Hamid Nasri, Mohammad‑Reza Ardalan, Mahmoud Rafieian‑Kopaei
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Comment On: Protective Role of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohammad-Reza Ardalan, Hamid Nasri, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei
Vol 5, No 11: November 2014 Comment on: Relationship of Serum Magnesium and Vitamin D Levels in a Nationally-representative Sample of Iranian Adolescents: The CASPIAN-III Study Abstract   PDF
Hamid Nasri, Mohammad‑Reza Ardalan, Mahmoud Rafieian‑Kopaei
Vol 4, No 6, June 2013 Comment on: The Protective Role of Silymarin and Deferoxamine Against Iron Dextran-Induced Renal Iron Deposition in Male Rats Abstract   PDF   XML
Azar Baradaran
Vol 5, No 10: October 2014 Comment on; Association of proteinuria with various clinical findings and morphologic variables of oxford classification in immunoglobulin A nephropathy patients Abstract   PDF
Mohammad-Reza Ardalan
February Commentary on Prevention a Possible Drug–Drug Interaction: Is Concurrent Administration of Orlistat and Pioglitazone Increase the Risk of Durg‑Induced Hepatotoxicity? Abstract   PDF
Marjan Emzhik, Parvaneh Rahimi‑Moghaddam, Soltan Ahmad Ebrahimi, Fariborz Keyhanfar, Ashraf Sadat Moazzam
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Commentary on: Effects of Cinnamon Consumption on Glycemic Status, Lipid Profile and Body Composition in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Abstract   PDF   XML
Hamid Nasri, Yahya Madihi, Alireza Marikhi
April Common Place for COVID‑19 Local Spreading: Observation from Thailand Abstract   PDF
Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
September Comparative Effectiveness of Prophylactic Therapies for Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm Infants: Protocol for a Network Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials Abstract   PDF
Behnam Sadeghirad, Ivan D. Florez, Yaping Chang, Farid Forutan, Dena Zeraatkar, Rebecca L. Morgan, Shaneela Shahid, Malgorzata M. Bala, Joseph Beyene, Martin Offringa, Thomasin AdamsWebber, Philip M. Sherman, Enas El-Gouhary, Gordon H. Guyatt, Bradley C. Johnston
September Comparative Efficacy of Different Classes of Antiemetic Medications for the Prevention of Nausea and Vomiting in Cesarean Section: A Network Meta‑Analysis Abstract   PDF
Zoleykha Asgarlou, Elham Dehghanpour Mohammadian, Sousan Houshmandi, Mohammad Mohseni, Sepideh Gareh Sheyklo, Ahmad Moosavi, Shiler Ahmadi
Vol 5, No 5: May 2014 Comparative Study of Microtubule-associated Protein-2 and Glial Fibrillary Acidic Proteins during Neural Induction of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Sadat Mostafavi, Shahnaz Razavi, Mohammad Mardani, Ebrahim Esfandiari, Hamid Zarkesh Esfahani, Mohammad Kazemi
Vol 3, No 10: October 2012 Comparative Study of Two Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses used as Bandage Contact Lenses after Photorefractive Keratectomy Abstract   PDF   XML
Hasan Razmjoo, Elham Abdi, Sayna Atashkadi, Mohamad Reza Akhlaghi, Ali Reza Peyman, Mojtaba Akbari
October Comparative Study on the Effect of Plantago psyllium and Ocimum basilicum Seeds on Anthropometric Measures in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Patients Abstract   PDF
Shahab-Aldin Akbarian, Sedigheh Asgary, Awat Feizi, Bijan Iraj, Gholamreza Askari
Vol 3, No 2: February 2012 Comparing Dental and Pharmacy Students’ Perceptions on Public Health and Preventive Health Care Course Abstract   PDF   XML
Aliye Mandiracioglu, Fethi Dogan
July Comparing the effect of intranasal lidocaine 4% with peppermint essential oil drop 1.5% on migraine attacks: A double-blind clinical trial Abstract   PDF
Mahmood Rafieian-kopaei, Ali Hasanpour-dehkordi, Zahra Lorigooini, Fatemeh Deris, Kamal Solati, Faezeh Mahdiyeh
October Comparing the Effects of Different Types of Aquatic Walking on Endurance and Electrical Activities of Spine Extensor Muscles in Men with Nonspecific Chronic Back Pain Abstract   PDF
Vahid Rezai, Reza Mahdavi-Nejad, Vahid Zolaktaf
Vol 4, No 11, November 2013 Comparing the Effects of Group and Home-based Physical Activity on Mental Health in the Elderly Abstract   PDF   XML
Seyede Salehe Mortazavi, Mohsen Shati, Hassan Eftekhar Ardebili, Kazem Mohammad, Reza Dorali Beni, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli
October Comparing the Frequency of Some Oral Lesions in Prediabetic and Healthy Individuals: Is There Any Difference? Abstract   PDF
Akram Ghadiri Anari, Narjes Hazar, Maryam Jalili Sadrabad, Shadab Kharazmi, Khatereh Kheirollahi, Azra Mohiti, Nasim Namiranian
Vol 4, No 5, May 2013 Comparing the Outcomes of Physiologic Delivery with Non‑Physiologic Delivery Group Abstract   PDF   XML
Nasrin Soufizadeh, Farnaz Zandvakili, Fariba Farhadifar, Fariba Seyedoshohadaie
Vol 4, No 11, November 2013 Comparing the Preventive Effect of 2 Percent Topical Lidocaine and Intravenous Atropine on Oculocardiac Refl ex in Ophthalmological Surgeries Under General Anesthesia Abstract   PDF   XML
Parvin Sajedi, Maryam Soleymani Nejad, Kamran Montazeri, Elahe Baloochestani
Vol 4, No 11, November 2013 Comparing Three Methods of Co-culture of Retinal Pigment Epithelium with Progenitor Cells Derived Human Embryonic Stem Cells Abstract   PDF   XML
Noushin Amirpour, Mohammad Hossein Nasr- Esfahani, Ebrahim Esfandiari, Shahnaz Razavi, Fereshteh Karamali
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Comparing Tobacco Use Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices between Engineering Students at a Public and Islamic Azad University in Shiraz, Iran 2011 Abstract   PDF   XML
Mehrdad Askarian, Farideh Kouchak, Moussa Youssef, Laura M. Romito
Supplement Issue of the Sports Medicine Congress Comparison Balance and Footprint Parameters in Normal and Overweight Children Abstract   PDF   XML
Amir Hossein Barati, Ahmad Bagheri, Reza Azimi, Mohsen Ali Darchini, Hossein Nabavi Nik
Vol 4, No 8, August 2013 Comparison Between the Effects of Continuous and Intermittent Aerobic Exercise on Weight Loss and Body Fat Percentage in Overweight and Obese Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract   PDF   XML
Zahra Alizadeh, Ramin Kordi, Mohsen Rostami, Mohammad Ali Mansournia, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hosseinzadeh-Attar, Javad Fallah
March Comparison of Berlin Questionnaire, STOP-Bang, and Epworth Sleepiness Scale for Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Persian Patients Abstract   PDF
Babak Amra, Maedeh Javani, Forogh Soltaninejad, Thomas Penzel, Ingo Fietze Fietze, Christoph Schoebel, Ziba Farajzadegan
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 Comparison of Components of Metabolic Syndrome in Premature Myocardial Infarction in an Iranian Population: A Case -Control Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Toba Kazemi, Gholamreza Sharifzadeh, Asghar Zarban, Azita Fesharakinia
December Comparison of Cytotoxic Effect of Cigarette and Waterpipe Smoking on Human Buccal Mucosa Abstract   PDF
Noushin Jalayer Naderi, Mona Pour Pasha
Vol 5, No 1: January 2014 Comparison of Effects of Home Visits and Routine Postpartum Care on the Healthy Behaviors of Iranian Low-Risk Mothers Abstract   PDF   XML
Seyedeh Tahereh Mirmolaei, Mehrnoosh Amel Valizadeh, Mahmood Mahmoodi, Zeinab Tavakol
September Comparison of Family Life Quality in Type 1 Diabetic and Healthy Children from the Perception of their Mothers Abstract   PDF
Maryam Hashemipour-Zavareh, Zahra Yousof, Mahin Hashemipour
May Comparison of Gastrointestinal Complications of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen in the Management of Infants with Patent Ductus Arteriosus: A Randomized Clinical Trial Study Abstract   PDF
Gohar Shahmirzadi, Shamsollah Nooripour, Abbas Ziari, Navid Danaei
June Comparison of Glibenclamide and Insulin on Neonatal Outcomes in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes Abstract   PDF
Mitra Behrashi, Mansooreh Samimi, Tayyebeh Ghasemi, Farzaneh Saberi, Fatemeh Atoof
November Comparison of Intellectual Structure of Knowledge in International Journal of Preventive Medicine with MeSH: A Co‑Word Analysis Abstract   PDF
Elaheh Mazaheri, Ismael Mostafavi, Ehsan Geraei
August Comparison of Interleukin‑33 Serum Levels in Asthmatic Patients with a Control Group and Relation with the Severity of the Disease Abstract   PDF
Tooba Momen, Hamid Ahanchian, Mohsen Reisi, Seyedeh Azra Shamsdin, Armindokht Shahsanai, Majid Keivanfar
August Comparison of Melatonin and Sertraline Therapies on Tinnitus: A Randomized Clinical Trial Abstract   PDF
Seyed Hamidreza Abtahi, Seyed Mostafa Hashemi, Mahdi Mahmoodi, Mohammad Hossein Nilforoush
Vol 5, No2: February 2014 Comparison of Microleakage of Two Materials Used as Fissure Sealants with Different Methods: An In vitro Study Abstract   PDF   XML
Maryam Hajenoruzali Tehrani, Neda Birjandi, Ehsan Nasr, Mina Shahtusi
Vol 3, No 8: August 2012 Comparison of Models for Predicting Outcomes in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Focusing on Microsimulation Abstract   PDF   XML
Masoud Amiri, Roya Kelishadi
Vol 4, No 3, March 2013 Comparison of newborn outcomes in women with gestational diabetes mellitus treated with Metformin or Insulin; a randomised blinded trial Abstract   PDF   XML
Elahe Mesdaghinia, Mansoureh Samimi, Zhila Homaei, Farzaneh Saberi, Seyyed Gholam Abbas Moosavi, Mohammad Yaribakht
Vol 2, No 4: October 2011 Comparison of Onset Age and Pattern of Male Adolescent Smoking in Two Different Socioeconomic Districts of Tehran, Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Fatemeh Rezaei, Saharnaz Nedjat, Banafsheh Golestan, Reza Majdzadeh
September Comparison of Optimal Cardiovascular Risk Factor Management in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Who Attended Urban Medical Health Center with those Attended a Tertiary Care Center: Experiences from Tehran, Iran Abstract   PDF
Sedighe Moradi, Mohammad Javad Haji Ghanbari, Hedyeh Ebrahimi
Vol 4, No 2, February 2013 Comparison of Phenotypic Characterization between Differentiated Osteoblasts from Stem Cells and Calvaria Osteoblasts In vitro Abstract   PDF   XML
Batool Hashemibeni, Farzaneh Jafary, Nafiseh Esmaeil, Vahid Goharian, Ghader Feizi, Fariba Heidary, Seyedeh Zahra Moosavi-nejad, Seyede Hamid Zarkesh
February Comparison of Repair Index in Cigarette and Waterpipe Smokers: A Bio‑Monitoring Assessment Using Human Exfoliated Buccal Mucosa Cells Abstract   PDF
Sana Jalili, Noushin Jalayer Naderi
Vol 4, No 1, January 2013 Comparison of Sensory–Neural Hearing between Firefighters and Office Workers Abstract   PDF   XML
Seyedeh Negar Assadi, Habibollah Esmaily, Leila Mostaan
August Comparison of Sevelamer and Calcium Carbonate in Prevention of Hypomagnesemia in Hemodialysis Patients Abstract   PDF
Elahe Jandaghi, Maliheh Yarmohammadi, Raheb Ghorbani, Tahereh Jalali, Ali Khadjeh Salehani, Peiman Mohammad Khani
Vol 4, No 2, February 2013 Comparison of Standard and Low Dose Intraoperative Mitomycin C in Prevention of Corneal Hazeafter Photorefractive Keratectomy Abstract   PDF   XML
Hassan Razmjoo, Mohammad Reza Kooshanmehr, Alireza Peyman, Zahra Kor, Erfan Mohammadesmaeil
August Comparison of the Effect of 8‑Week Rebound Therapy‑Based Exercise Program and Weight‑Supported Exercises on the Range of Motion, Proprioception, and the Quality of Life in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Abstract   PDF
Pooya Daneshvar, Gholamali Ghasemi, Vahid Zolaktaf, Mohammad Taghi Karimi
March Comparison of the Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Functional Capacity of Diabetic and Nondiabetic Patients after CABG Abstract   PDF
Taliie Shafaee, Mostafa Rad, Seyed Reza Mazloom, Sedigheh Rastaghi, Zahra Hamedi
October Comparison of the Effect of Milk and Pistachio Snacks on Anthropometric Indices in Overweight or Obese Women: A Randomized Crossover Trial Abstract   PDF
Leila Sheikhi, Majid Karandish, Seyed Mahmood Latifi, Iran Davoudi
January Comparison of the Effect of the Person‑Centered and Family‑Centered Training via Telenursing on the Quality of Life in COVID‑19 Patients Abstract   PDF
Mehrbanoo Heidari, Meimanat Hosseini, Parvaneh Vasli, Malihe Nasiri, Sima Hejazi, Mohammad Fasihi
Supplement Issue of the Sports Medicine Congress Comparison of the Effects of Acupuncture and Isometric Exercises on Symptom of Knee Osteoarthritis Abstract   PDF   XML
Mohammad Saleki, Tannaz Ahadi, Mohammad Razi, Gholam Reza Raeisi, Bijan Forough, Ali Mehrabi Koushki
Vol 2, No 3: July 2011 Comparison of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Iranian College Students about Tobacco Use in Comparison to their American and Chinese Counterparts Abstract   XML   PDF
Ahmad Fayaz Bakhsh, Saeideh Babashahy, Lida Jarrahi, Sima Rafiei
November Comparison of the Prevalence and Trend of Malnutrition between 0–6 Years and 7–11 Years Old Iranian Children: A Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh AziziSoleiman, Hamid Sharif, Maryam Zamanian
Vol 3, No 3(S): 2012; Special Issue on "Updates in Preventive Medicine" Comparison of the Preventive Analgesic Effect of Rectal Ketamine and Rectal Acetaminophen after Pediatric Tonsillectomy Abstract   PDF   XML
Morteza Heidari, Zahra Mirlohi, Jalal Hashemi
Vol 5, No 5: May 2014 Comparison of the WHO Child Growth Standards and The NCHS for Estimation Malnutrition in Birjand-Iran Abstract   PDF
Kokab Namakin, Gholamreza Sharifzadeh, Mahmoud Zardast, Zynab Khoshmohabat, Mahsa Saboori
Vol 5, No 4: April 2014 Comparison of three methods in improving Bag Mask Ventilation Abstract   PDF   XML
Samad EJ Golzari, Hassan Soleimanpour, Hamidreza Mehryar, Shaker Salarilak, Ata Mahmoodpoor, Jafar Rahimi Panahi, Mohammadreza Afhami, Majid Sabahi, Zahra Hassani
December Comparison of Tobacco Control Programs Worldwide: A Quantitative Analysis of the 2015 World Health Organization MPOWER Report Abstract   PDF
Gholamreza Heydari, Fahimeh Chamyani, Mohammad Reza Masjedi, Lida Fadaizadeh
October Comparison of Two Validation Nutrition Tools in Hospitalized Elderly: Full Mini Nutritional Assessment and Short‑form Mini Nutritional Assessment Abstract   PDF
Taher Doroudi, Mahtab Alizadeh‑Khoei, Hadi Kazemi, Sakar Hormozi, Fahimeh Taati, Mehdi Ebrahimi, Pirhossein Koulivand, Hossein Fakhrzadeh, Iran Davoudi, Farshad Sharifi
December Comparison of Urinary Heavy Metals and Pulmonary Function Test in Cafe Workers Based on Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke, Tehran 2021 Abstract   PDF
Gholamreza Heydari
June Comparison Prophylactic Effects of Gargling Different Doses of Ketamine on Attenuating Postoperative Sore Throat: A Single‑Blind Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract   PDF
Dorna Kheirabadi, Maryam Sobhan Ardekani, Azim Honarmand, Mohammad Reza Safavi, Elnaz Salmasi
JULY Competitive Protein‑binding assay‑based Enzyme‑immunoassay Method, Compared to High‑pressure Liquid Chromatography, Has a Very Lower Diagnostic Value to Detect Vitamin D Deficiency in 9–12 Years Children Abstract   PDF
Maliheh Zahedi Rad, Tirang Reza Neyestani, Bahareh Nikooyeh, Nastaran Shariatzadeh, Ali Kalayi, Niloufar Khalaji, Azam Gharavi
Vol 3, No 2: February 2012 Complexity of the Socioeconomic Status and its Disparity as a Determinant of Health Abstract   PDF   XML
Ali Akbar Haghdoost
August Compliance of Specifc Provisions of Tobacco Control Law around Educational Institutions in Delhi, India Abstract   PDF
Rajesh Yadav, Leimapokpam Swasticharan, Renu Garg
Vol 5, No 1: January 2014 Compliance to Hand Hygiene WHO Guidelines in Hospital Care Details   PDF   XML
Raman Sharma, Meenakshi Sharma, Vipin Koushal
VOL 3, NO 12: December 2012 Concentrated HIV Epidemic in Pakistan: An Opportunity to Prevent Generalized Epidemic Abstract   PDF   XML
Muazzam Nasrullah
March Concerning the COVID‑19 Pandemic Catastrophe as a Result of Neglecting Primary Prevention Abstract   PDF
Masoud Mohammadi
Vol 5, No2: February 2014 Concordance between Hybrid Capture 2 Results Performed on Cervical Samples Obtained before and Immediately after Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) Test Abstract   PDF   XML
Partha Basu, Anushree Samaddar, Srabani Mittal, Urmimala Basu, Simi Chatterjee, Jaydip Biswas
October Congenital Hypothyroidism and its Related Factors in an Iranian Population: A Retrospective Study in Semnan (2011–2016) Abstract   PDF
Soraya Doustmohamadian, Sahar Mehrizi, Mohammad Naser Rahbar, Majid Mirmohammadkhani
Vol 3, No 3(S): 2012; Special Issue on "Updates in Preventive Medicine" Constipation in Iran: SEPAHAN systematic review No. 5 Abstract   PDF   XML
Niloufar Iraji, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Shirin Sadeghpour, Parnaz Daneshpajouhnejad, Mohammadreza Fazel, Peyman Adibi
August Construct and Criterion Validity of the PedsQL™ 4.0 Instrument (Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory) in Colombia Abstract   PDF
Ana Carolina Amaya‑Arias, Juan Pablo Alzate, Javier H Eslava‑Schma
Vol 5, No 1: January 2014 Constructing Pragmatic Socioeconomic Status Assessment Tools to Address Health Equality Challenges Abstract   PDF   XML
Parvin Tajik, Reza Majdzadeh
May Construction and Examination of an Early Childhood Development Composite Index: Evidence from Iran’s Multiple Indicator Demographic and Health Survey Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Nosratabadi, Zahra Heidari, Maryam Moeeni, Koen Ponnet
Vol 2, No 3: July 2011 Construction of National Standards of Weight and Height and Growth Charts of Iranian Children: A Review Article Abstract   XML   PDF
Mitra Abtahi, Aazam Doustmohammadian, Morteza Abbdollahi
December Consumption of a Low Fermentable Oligo‑, Di‑, Mono‑saccharides, and Polyols Diet and Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Helia Pourmand, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh
Vol 5, No 10: October 2014 Content Analysis of food advertising in Iranian children's television programs Abstract   PDF
Maryam Amini, Nasrin Omidvar, Heather Yeatman, Shadab Shariat-jafari, Maryam Eslami-Amirabadi, Malihe Zahedirad
February Continuity of Care Evaluation: The View of Patients and Professionals about Urban Family Physician Program Abstract   PDF
Vahid Kohpeima Jahromi, Mohammad Hossein Mehrolhassani, Reza Dehnavieh, Hosein Saberi Anari
May Continuity of Primary Care in the Brazilian Amazon: A Cross‑Sectional Population‑Based Study Abstract   PDF
Tais Freire Galvao, Gustavo Magno Baldin Tiguman Baldin Tiguman, Bruno Pereira Nunes, Andrea Tenorio Correia da Silva, Marcus Tolentino Silva
February Continuous Movement Monitoring of Daily Living Activities for Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcer: A Review of Literature Abstract   PDF
Piergiorgio Francia, Alessandra De Bellis, Giuseppe Seghieri, Anna Tedeschi, Giulia Iannone, Roberto Anichini, Massimo Gulisano
April Contribution of Health Researches in National Knowledge Production: A Scientometrics Study on 15‑Year Research Products of Iran Abstract   PDF
Shirin Djalalinia, Niloofar Peykari, Monir Baradaran Eftekhari, Zahra Sobhani, Reza Laali, Omid Ali Qorbani, Shahin Akhondzadeh, Reza Malekzadeh, Asghar Ebadifar
March Control or Placebo Group in A Clinical Trial Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Saeid Rezaee-Zavareh
June Controlling Lipids AIDS in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Diseases Abstract   PDF
Shivananda B. Nayak, Stephanie B. Mohammed, Akash S Nayak
Vol 5, No 11: November 2014 Conversion from Radiologically Isolated Syndrome to Multiple Sclerosis Abstract   PDF
Masoud Etemadifar, Mohsen Janghorbani, Mohammad Mehdi Koushki, Fatemeh Etemadifar, Mahboobeh Fereidan Esfahani
Vol 2, No 2: April 2011 Converting Three General-Cognitive Function Scales into Persian and Assessment of Their Validity and Reliability Abstract   XML   PDF
Payam Moin, Nima Khalighinejad, Arash Yusefi, Ziba Farajzadegan, Majid Barekatain
April Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Outcomes Following 6.5 Years: A Nested Case–control Study Abstract   PDF
Leila Jahangiry, Mahdi Najafi, Mahdieh Abbasalizad Farhangi, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi
June Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID‑19) Infection‑Related Stigma, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Iranian Healthcare Workers Abstract   PDF
Ramin Hosseinzadeh, Seyed Morteza Hosseini, Mina Momeni, Amirhossein Maghari, Ali Fathi-Ashtiani, Parmid Ghadimi, Mohammad Heiat, Pooyan Barmayoon, Mahdiss Mohamadianamiri, Mansour Bahardoust, Taleb Badri, Ashraf Karbasi
February Corrected and Republished: Global Health Diplomacy Fingerprints on Human Security Abstract   PDF
Vijay Kumar Chattu, Andy Knight, K. Srikanth Reddy, Obijiofor Aginam
December Supplement Issue (2) [School health] Correlation between Aerobic Fitness and Body Composition in Middle School Students Abstract   Untitled ()   PDF
Vazgen Minasian, Sayed Mohammad Marandi, Roya Kelishadi, Hossein Abolhassani
September Correlation between WHO and Modified WHO Classification Systems in the Histopathologic Diagnosis of Oral Lichen Planus Using Intraobserver and Interobserver Variability Abstract   PDF
Maryam Jolehar, Roghieh Mohseni, Sareh Farhadi
June Correlation of Resting Heart Rate with the Severity and Complexity of Coronary Artery Disease: A Single‑Center Retrospective Study Abstract   PDF
Vahit Demir, Samet Yılmaz, Huseyin Ede, Yasar Turan
May Correlations Between Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma and Other Cancers: An Ecological Study in Forty European Countries Abstract   PDF
Pablo Fernandez-Crehuet Serrano, Jose Luis Fernandez-Crehuet Serrano, Mohamed Farouk Allam, Rafael Fernandez-Crehuet Navajas
Vol 5, No 7: July 2014 Cost Effectiveness of Anemia Screening: A Systematic Review Abstract   Untitled ()   PDF
Shirin Nosratnejad, Eshagh Barfara, Hamed Hosseinib, Esmat Barootid, Arash Rashidiana
November Cost‑ Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening in Shiraz, Iran Abstract   PDF
Mehrdad Askarian, Sara Dianat, Sedigheh Tahmasebi, Abdosaleh Jafari, Nahid Hatam
JULY Cost‑effectiveness Analysis of Cetuximab in Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer in Iranian Pharmaceutical Market Abstract   PDF
Majid Davari, Farzaneh Ashrafi, Mohammadreza Maracy, Abolfazl Aslani, Mohammadreza Tabatabaei
October Cost‑Effectiveness of Herpes Zoster Vaccination Abstract   PDF
Won Sriwijitalai, Viroj Wiwanitkit
July Cost‑Effectiveness of Varicella Vaccination Abstract   PDF
Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
December Cost‑effectiveness of Varicella Vaccination Program in Iran Abstract   PDF
Shooka Esmaeeli, Mohsen Yaghoubi, Marzieh Nojomi
June Cost–Utility Analysis for Chest CT versus RT‑PCR for COVID‑19 Detection Abstract   PDF
Won Sriwijitalai, Viroj Wiwanitkit
July Could Molar‑Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) Existence be Predictor of Short Stature? Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Owlia, Mohammad‑Hasan Akhavan‑Karbassi, Reyhaneh Rahimi
April COVID‑19 and Air purifiers Use Abstract   PDF
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
July COVID‑19 and Alcohol Consumption: No Preventive or Therapeutic Benefits Abstract   PDF
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava
December COVID‑19 and Current Smoking: Worse Outcome from a Surveillance Analysis Abstract   PDF
Gholamreza Heydari
October COVID‑19 and Health Promoting Hospitals in Iran; What do We Stand? Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Amin Shahrbaf, Danial Samiei Nasr, Zoya Tavaf Langroudi
May COVID‑19 Brand Switching: Expectation on Protective Efficacy Abstract   PDF
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
April COVID‑19 Countermeasures: An Algorithm to Stay Unlocked Abstract   PDF
David Izadi, Egidio J. Da Silva, Miles E. Banwell, Christopher G. Wallace
June COVID‑19, Herd Immunity and Vaccine Abstract
Sim Sai Tin, Viroj Wiwanitkit
July COVID‑19 in Post Office Worker: Observation and Public Health Implication Abstract   PDF
Won Sriwijitalai, Viroj Wiwanitkit
September COVID‑19 Infection and Children: A Comprehensive Review Abstract   PDF
Sanaz Mehrabani
April COVID‑19 Outbreak in International Airport – Where the Incidence Case Occurs? Abstract   PDF
Won Sriwijitalai, Viroj Wiwanitkit
June COVID‑19 Pandemic Infection Control and Instantaneous Contact Tracing Using Mobile Phone Apps Abstract
Rujittika Mungmunpuntipantip, Viroj Wiwanitkit
February COVID‑19 Pandemic: Significance of Lockdown and When to Revoke? Abstract   PDF
Saurabh R. Shrivastava, Prateek S. Shrivastava
October COVID‑19, Sanctions, and Importance of Scientometric and Systematic Review Studies in Iran Abstract   PDF
Zeinab Hemati, Shayesteh Jahanfar, Mojtaba Keikha
June COVID‑19 Solution Abstract   PDF
Roberto Menicagli, Mario Limodio
October COVID‑19 Vaccination Acceptance in Iran, a Nationwide Survey on Factors Associated with the Willingness toward Getting Vaccinated Abstract   PDF
Mehrdad Askarian, Linda Y. Fu, Mohammad Hossein Taghrir, Roham Borazjani, Zahra Shayan, Ehsan Taherifard, Erfan Taherifard, Hossein Akbarialiabad, Yves Longtin, Ardalan Askarian, Shahin Kavousi
February COVID‑19 Vaccination and Usefulness in Prevention of Mortality Among the Elderly: An Analysis Abstract   PDF
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
June COVID‑19, Vaccination, Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, Aneurysm, Screening and Post Vaccination Death Abstract
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
July COVID‑19 Vaccine: From Dream to Reality Abstract   PDF
Masoud Mohammadi
January COVID‑19: A Relationship between Stress and Stroke in Younger Population Abstract   PDF
Soha Zahid, Ahtisham Saleem, Nazuk E. Qureshi
July COVID‑19: National Pandemic Management Strategies and their Efficacies and Impacts on the Number of Secondary Cases and Prognosis: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Hossein Hatami, Shohra Qaderi, Jaffer Shah, Ahmad Reza Rezaeian, Yeganeh Farsi, Faeze Alinasab, Farah Qaderi, Afifeh Khosravi, Narges Bazgir, Asghar Shah
January COVID‑19: Non‑Invasive Ventilation in Hypoxemic Acute Respiratory Failure Abstract   PDF
Fariborz Rezaeitalab, Fariba Rezaeetalab, Farzaneh Akbari, Seyyed Mohammad Ata Sharifi Dalooei, Soheila Saberi, Saeedeh S. Mirtouni
April COVID‑19: Ratio of Occurrence in General People and Medical Personnel, an Observation from the Second Country that Disease Emerged Abstract   PDF
Pathum Sookaromdee, Viroj Wiwanitkit
February Co‑education with Environmental Cues May Kindle Early Onset of Female Puberty Abstract   PDF
Prasenjit Chaudhuri, Koushik Bhattacharya, Pallav Sengupta
February Crossroad between Obesity and Gastrointestinal Cancers: A Review of Molecular Mechanisms and Interventions Abstract   PDF
Mitra Moodi, Tahmineh Tavakoli, Zoya Tahergorabi
Vol 5, No 6: June 2014 Cross-Sectional Study to Acknowledge the Independent Association of the Socio-Demographic Determinants of Alcohol Use in an Urban Slum of North India Abstract   PDF
Rashmi Katyal, Rahul Bansal, Vijender Agrawal, Sachin Sharma, Varsha Chaudhary
February Current Status of the Clinical Epidemiology of Myocardial Infarction in Men and Women: A National Cross‑Sectional Study in Iran Abstract   PDF
Ali Ahmadi, Hamid Soori, Homeira Sajjadi, Hamid Nasri, Yadollah Mehrabi, Koorosh Etemad
Vol 5, No 1: January 2014 Current Trends of Male Reproductive Health Disorders and the Changing Semen Quality Details   PDF   XML
Pallav Sengupta
Vol 4, No 8, August 2013 Curricular Reforms in Undergraduate Medical Education: An Indispensable Need Abstract   PDF   XML
Saurabh Ram Bihari Lal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
March Cyclophosphamide‑induced Hepatotoxicity in Wistar Rats: The Modulatory Role of Gallic Acid as a Hepatoprotective and Chemopreventive Phytochemical Abstract   PDF
Ademola Adetokunbo Oyagbemi, Olutayo Temidayo Omobowale, Ebunoluwa Rachael Asenuga, Akinrinde Stephen Akinleye, Rachael Omolola Ogunsanwo, Adebowale Bernard Saba
December CYP1A1 M2 (A2455G) Polymorphism with Susceptibility to Breast Cancer Abstract   PDF
Beuy Joob
Vol 3, No 9: September 2012 Cytogenetic Risks and Possible Adverse Health Effects by Narcotic Substances Dependent Abstract   PDF   XML
Abolfazl Movafagh, Ali Haeri, Ali Asghar kolahi, Hossein Hassani-Moghadam
June Cytokine Receptor Allele Frequency, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of New COVID‑19 Vaccine in Different Setting Abstract
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
April Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasma gondii and Rubella Vertical Transmission Rates According to Mid‑trimester Amniocentesis: A Retrospective Study Abstract   PDF
Chrysoula Margioula‑Siarkou, Ioannis Kalogiannidis, Stamatios Petousis, Stella Prapa, Themistoklis Dagklis, Apostolos Mamopoulos, Nikos Prapas, David Rousso
January Dairy Consumption and Risk of Stroke: A Case‑control Study Abstract   PDF
Hossein Khosravi-Boroujeni, Mohammad Saadatnia, Forough Shakeri, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Parvane Saneei, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh
Supplement Issue of 8th Iranian Neurology Congress Dairy Consumption and Stroke Risk Abstract   PDF   XML
Zahra Maghsoudi, Gholamreza Askari, Reza Ghiasvand, Fariborz Khorvash, Bijan Iraj, Nafiseh Shokri, Leila Darvishi
October Dark Chocolate Effect on Serum Adiponectin, Biochemical and Inflammatory Parameters in Diabetic Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial Abstract   PDF
Sima Jafarirad, Nina Ayoobi, Majid Karandish, Mohammad‑Taha Jalali, Mohammad Hossein Haghighizadeh, Alireza Jahanshahi
July Dead Body of the Patient with COVID‑19 and Concern on Disease Spreading Abstract   PDF
Pathum Sookaromdee
Vol 5, No2: February 2014 Deadly Rural Road Traffic Injury: A Rising Public Health Concern in I.R.Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Ali Ardalan, Nariman Sepehrvand, Farshad Pourmalek, Gholamreza Masoumi, Mohamad Sarvar, Abbas Mahmoudabadi, Anita Rezaie
October Death Outcome with Successful Treatment of Tuberculosis Patients Abstract   PDF
Al Asyary
July Death Portrait of Isfahan Province in Years 2007–2011 Abstract   PDF
Masuod Ferdosi, Farzaneh Mohammadi Sefiddashti, Pejman Aghdak, Reza Moradi, Maryam Mofid, Farzaneh Rejalian, Ali Nemati
October Decomposing Socioeconomic Inequality in Health Literacy in Iran: A Concentration Index Approach Abstract   PDF
Amir Almasi‑Hashiani, Mahmoud Abbasi, Mohammad Tavakol, Vali Baigi, Mehri Mohammadi, Javad Nazari, Esmaeil Khedmati Morasae, Yahya Shadi, Majid Taheri
February Decreased Emergency Department Overcrowding by Discharge Lounge: A Computer Simulation Study Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Nasr Isfahani, Fereshte Davari, Reza Azizkhani, Majid Rezvani
Vol 2, No 1: January 2011 Defining Central Adiposity in Terms of Clinical Practice in Children and Adolescents Abstract   XML   PDF
Peter Schwandt
June Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Familial and Sporadic Multiple Sclerosis Patients Abstract
Shahrzad Mokhtari, Shakiba Houshi, Omid Mirmosayyeb, Mahdi Barzegar, Alireza Afshari-Safavi, Majid Ghasemi, Vahid Shaygannejad
February Demographic and Life Styles Determinants of Somatic Complaints’ Structures: A Cross‑sectional Study on a Large Sample of Iranian Adults Using Factor Mixture Model Abstract   PDF
Zahra Heidari, Awat Feizi, Hamidreza Roohafza, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Fatemeh Zahra Shiravi, Payman Adibi
Vol 4, No 7, July 2013 Demographic and Socioeconomic Differences in Fruit and Vegetables Consumption, 2007-2009: A Province-Level Study in Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
Aliasghar Ahmad Kiadaliri
Vol 4, No 10, October 2013 Demographical and Psychological Determinants of Depression, Among a Sample of Iranian Male Adolescents Abstract   PDF   XML
Fazlollah Ghofranipour, Mohsen Saffari, Mahmoud Mahmoudi, Ali Montazeri
June Dental Caries and Gingival Evaluation in Children with Congenital Heart Disease Abstract   PDF
Zahra Pourmoghaddas, Marzieh Meskin, Mohammadreza Sabri, Maryam Haj Norousali Tehrani, Tahereh Najaf
September Depression and Associated Factors among Adolescent Females in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, A Cross‑sectional Study Abstract   Untitled ()   PDF
Hafsa Raheel
August Depression Literacy in Urban and Suburban Residents of Tehran, the Capital of Iran; Recognition, Help Seeking and Stigmatizing Attitude and the Predicting Factors Abstract   PDF
Laleh Ghadirian, Azadeh Sayarifard
Vol 5, No 9: September 2014 Depression, Poor sleep and sexual dysfunction in migraineurs women Abstract   PDF
Mahsa Ghajarzadeh, Rozita Jalilian, Mansoureh Togha, Amirreza Azimi, Pegah Hosseini, Nazanin Babaei
June Depression: Detecting the Historical Roots of Research on Depression Prevention with Reference Publication Year Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
Ehsan Geraei, Fereshteh Shakibaei, Elaheh Mazaheri
December Descriptive Study of Economic Behavior of General Practitioners in Iran: Practice Income, Hours of Work, and Patient Visits Abstract   PDF
Mohsen Bayati, Arash Rashidian
March Design and Evaluating Psychometric Properties of the Eye Care Behaviors Assessment Instrument Abstract   PDF
Rahmat Chatripour, Awat Feizi, Fereshteh Zamani‑Alavijeh, Afsaneh Naderi Beni, Maryam Amidi Mazaheri
Vol 5, No 7: July 2014 Design and validate visual fatigue questionnaire in video display terminals operator Abstract   PDF
Hassan Rajabi-Vardanjani, Ehsanollah Habibi, Siyamak Pourabdian, Habibollah Dehghan, Mohamad Reza Maracy
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